Switzerland Stefanie Heinzmann (29) known as the Valais whirlwind, with her soulful voice, she is thrilled with the home and abroad. Shortly before her thirtieth birthday in March, the singer is grounded in her home she has found a new calm. And says: “I dream of a own family.”

How is this supposed to look, not defined Heinzmann. “I don’t know how it is to be a mother. Maybe I have to a child enough, maybe I want a lot of after the first”, she explains.

But not only of children’s speech is: “I am a very family and traditional man, the dream of marriage, family and a beautiful house.”

Heinzmann has your home new

discovered Together with her friend Stefanie lives in a cozy apartment in eyholz get directions VS. Their origin did you know in the last few years, a completely new – and learned to appreciate. “For a long time I was just home, with my suitcase and back pack. I was able to have no social life anymore, was too tired,” says the singer.

it was Only in the last few years, she took care of more to an optimal balance between work and leisure. “Today, I treat myself to longer breaks. I go Hiking, walking and started to drive recently re-Ski. In the Valais, the watches are turning somehow slower, that’s good.”

Detailed plans for the next few years is not happy. “It worked for me, never!” You know at the latest since her victory in 2008 in the ProSieben casting show by Stefan Raab (51).

“Before, I was of the firm Belief that music is anything that I can ever live. I saw myself as a Secretary, which, after their eight-hour day home, and even a bit of singing.” I was wrong! 22. March appears to be your fifth Album, “All We Need Is Love”.

ice the next two weeks, trump

when your starting 7. February will accompany Heinzmann next to James Blunt (44), the Show “Art on Ice” in Zurich, Lausanne, Basel and Davos GR as a show act. “I’m a burned child in terms of skating. A friend asked me, while we were with the school in the ice rink, the leg. Result: I beat me on the ice the teeth. After that, I ditched the skating hour.”

Only a year ago, you have ventured back on the skates. Heinzmann: “it went very well. But I’m glad that next week just the pros on the ice!”