Manuel Neuer’s sharp criticism also caused a stir shortly before Bayern’s game in Wolfsburg. Julian Nagelsmann reports on a private conversation with the goalkeeper.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann is also critical of Manuel Neuer’s statements in two interviews and the resulting fuss at Bayern. “From my perspective, I would not have given the interview, especially if it reads that the club is in the foreground,” said Nagelsmann (35) on DAZN before the Munich game at VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday. “Of course that doesn’t exactly help to calm things down, it’s haunted by the gazettes and it occupies the whole of football in Germany.”

Nagelsmann reported that he explained to Neuer the separation from goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic “well before the interview” in private, among other things, that it was “a good conversation”. “The way I chose not to make it public, to tell him the reasons why the separation came about, was the right one in my opinion,” emphasized the coach. “In general, it’s always the case with me, I’m a person in need of harmony, my door is never closed, even if I had chosen a different path.”

In an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and “The Athletic”, Neuer verbally attacked the record champions’ club management for the separation from Tapalovic. That was “the most blatant” thing he had experienced in his career, said the newcomer who had been missing for a long time with a broken leg. “It was a blow for me when I was already on the ground. I had the feeling my heart was being ripped out.” At the request of the German Press Agency, Bayern boss Oliver Kahn had announced “clear talks” with Neuer.

Nagelsmann did not specifically answer the question of whether Neuer was still the captain when he returned after a broken leg. “Manu should get fit again and enjoy football again, it’s not an easy phase. In general, I’ve always emphasized that he’s the best goalkeeper in the world, I hope he comes back healthy, everything else is a dream of the future,” said the coach.