Elon Musk (50) denies allegations that he sexually molested a woman. In a Twitter message, he commented on the serious allegations. A flight attendant accused the Tesla boss of having exposed himself to her. The 50-year-old suspects a politically motivated reason behind the allegations.

Musk tweeted on Friday, “The attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens.” This is “their usual (despicable) move book”. The allegations won’t stop him from “fighting for a good future” as well as the “right to free speech”.

Tesla investors were unsettled by the allegations. According to “Spiegel”, share prices fell by eight percent.

According to a report by Business Insider, Musk is said to have exposed himself to an employee of his space company “SpaceX” on a flight to London and “asked for sex”. The whole thing is said to have happened at the end of 2016 during a massage. According to Business Insider, Musk’s company would have responded to a flight attendant lawsuit two years later by paying $250,000. Musk reportedly dismissed a request from Business Insider, saying, “If I were prone to sexual harassment, it probably wouldn’t be the first time in my 30-year career that it’s come to light.”

Only a few days before the online magazine’s disclosure report was published, Musk publicly acknowledged his allegiance to the Republicans. He underscored his opposition to the US Democrats in a Twitter post with the words: “They have become a party of division and hatred, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republicans.”

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