The increased heating costs are a financial burden for many citizens. However, there are government support options available to people – even those with a steady income or savings. The consumer center has created a useful summary.

The current situation is fatal, almost everything is becoming more expensive, especially energy prices. On the other hand, salaries cannot compensate for this, which is why more and more people are getting into financial difficulties.

The high heating costs in particular are now putting many working people in the uncomfortable situation that they need support beyond the energy flat rate. The consumer center shows all the possibilities.

What many people don’t know is that even if you work or have some money saved up, high energy prices can still entitle you to social benefits.

If you have difficulties paying your back-up heating costs, you can apply in writing to the job center to ask for the costs to be covered. The social welfare office is the right contact for pensioners.

If possible, you should enclose the following with the application:

The consumer advice center points out that the application must be submitted as soon as you have received the bill. “If you are no longer able to work or are of retirement age, the application must be submitted to the social welfare office in the same month. If you are able to work, it must be submitted by the end of the 3rd month after the invoice is due. Otherwise you can lose your right to be taken over.”

You could also be entitled to additional social benefits if the energy payments on account are too high. In such a case, be sure to contact the job center (pensioners contact the social welfare office).

If your income is too high for citizen’s allowance (formerly: “unemployment benefit II”) or social assistance, you could at least be entitled to housing benefit. This must be submitted to the housing benefit office in the municipality.

Housing benefit calculator: The amount of the housing benefit is now determined online