The CSU, according to the provisional official final result at the state election in Bavaria, only 37.2 percent of the vote. The Green came up with 17.5 percent of the votes to second place before the voters Free with 11.6 per cent and AfD, with 10.2 percent.

The SPD fell to 9.7 percent – their worst result at a state election at all, after 9.8 percent in the year 2004 in Saxony. The FDP came to 5.1 percent of the votes and managed to almost return to the Bavarian state Parliament. The Left failed with 3.2 percent at the Five-percent-hurdle. The turnout increased from 63.5 per cent at the state election in 2013 to 72.4 percent.

these are the bare Figures of the state election in the free state. However, taking a look in depth shows more. He revealed how big the differences between the city and the country in Bavaria. The CSU has in the electoral district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Bayern’s run-in with 20.6 percent, their biggest loss. In the constituency, close to Ingolstadt it is now at 39.2 percent. At least the Christian have lost social with 2.9 percentage points in Nürnberg-South (total 39.3 per cent).

it is Well possible that the Prime Minister of a bonus, saved the party before the crash. After all, government chief Markus Söder dates back to the Franconian metropolis.

While the CSU remains, in spite of losses in the country people’s party, the Green party in Munich one exception: In the election district of Munich-center you are with 42.2 percent of the votes, close to an absolute majority. In this constituency of the Bavarian metropolis, the eco-has doubled in comparison to the election 2013 result, more than (plus 22 percentage points). Really weak, the Greens are nowhere to be found in the free state.

Relatively less important, they remain in the electoral district of Tirschenreuth on the Czech border, Where only 8.2 percent for the party – the lowest in Bavaria – voted, but you could win even four percentage points compared to the year 2013. Nowhere in Bavaria, the Greens are below the Five-percent-hurdle. It is a true Revolution in the free state.

Bitter results for the former people’s party, the SPD. With 15.3 percent, the socialists in the electoral district of Nürnberg-West to achieve their Bavaria-wide comparable best value. However, even this is under the Federal election result of the party from the year 2017 (17 percent).

at the same time, the SPD is losing, especially in the Metropolitan regions of Nuremberg and Munich is particularly strong: in some cases, the values of the party cut in half in comparison to those of five years ago. Outside of the cities, the SPD is already as good as meaningless. The weakest result, the party scored 5.5 per cent in the constituency of Kempten/Oberallgäu. However, the SPD had cut off there in 2013 with 7.1 percent, only slightly better.

And the AfD? The party is started for the first Time in the state – and comes from a standstill to about ten percent. A respectable result, but the right-national had probably hoped for more. Relatively insignificant the party in the Bavarian capital is In the constituency Munich-middle of you comes to only 3.7 percent of the vote. Strong, the AfD is presented in the rural border regions of the Federal state.

In several constituencies, over there to the 15 percent, it is best to cut in the rain/Freyung-Grafenau (16.2 percent). This Region came to the East of Deggendorf is directly adjacent to the neighbouring countries Austria and the Czech Republic, which in the past few years, especially, many migrants to Germany.

A little Surprise, succeeded in Bavaria, the FDP. Because they are circles in many of the election easily won, secured the liberals will re-enter in the diet. Voters agree the party has lost only in the choice of Augsburg-Dillingen Dingolfing and Kehlheim districts. At best, the liberals fared little surprising in the metropolis of Munich. The best value, the party won 12.6 per cent in München-Schwabing – an increase of 4.3 percentage points compared to 2013.

The major Surprise of this election is likely to be the Free voters (FW). Apparently, a lot of Bayern, who have turned away from the CSU have discovered, not only the AfD, but also the Free voters as a conservative Alternative. Your success could save the CSU an unloved coalition with the Greens. How the CSU and the AfD, the Free voters have a critical point of view on the topic of Migration.

Suddenly, people’s party, the Free voters are now in the districts of Kelheim (24.6 percent) and Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Germany (21.3 percent). In both voting circles, the party has doubled its popularity. Lost the Conservatives, competing since 1998 in state elections have circles in only five election – and the call value: The largest losses to the party in the main-Franconian constituency Main suffered-Spessart (minus 2.6 percentage points) and the Czech border constituency Cham (minus 2.7 percentage points). A view of the entire area revealed that the party has otherwise obtained in many places, to four percentage points.

Since the election, much has been talked about, where the voters has been pulled, the gifts in the year 2013, the CSU your voice. The breakdown of the voters hike provides Amazing: The largest share of renegade CSU-voters is not switched about to the Free voters (220.000 former CSU-voters) or the Green (190.000 former CSU-voters). The truth behind the Numbers is profane: 240.000 former CSU-voters died between the two election dates. In the SPD there are 100,000 of deceased voters and the Greens are just 20,000.