the apartments on The room reservation platform Airbnb, therefore, come as hotel rooms. Long are the times in which Airbnb accommodations with the concept of Wohnungsteilet, including the local charm and the host marketed are forgotten. The reason is simple: more and more apartments that are offered on the online platform, managed by the company in a professional manner.

vendors such as Airhosted, host maker, Airgreets or Airsorted create Airbnb-a provider of the advertisement, the communication with the guests, make the key handover and cleaning the apartment. So you have professionalised the Amateur platform Airbnb, so to speak.

One of the biggest Player sits in the world in the small village of Trogen in the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. The Swiss Start-up called guest ready – the Name is program: The young company takes on all the responsibilities that apply to landlords, in order to make the room for the guest ready to move in.

in the Beginning, they exposed flats

the Tech companies in 2016 by Patrick Degen (36), Christian Mischler (37) and Alexander Limpert (33) who studied in St. Gallen was Founded. Today, the founding team is spread all over the world. In the initial times you put in Airbnb apartments themselves in Hand. “In the past, we had to clean the apartments themselves,” says co-founder and CFO sword. At that time, she had experienced so much.

“Once a guest has demolished a flat in London over night.” It looked as if someone had wreaked havoc with the sledgehammer in the room. Actually, the guests had celebrated a Party that got out of control. “A part of the ceiling was torn down, everywhere, alcohol bottles,” says Degen stood.

guest punched a hole in the wall

another time, had locked himself in a guest in the bathroom. He was alone in the apartment. “Because the bathroom had no window, he hit a hole in the wall to get back out,” says Degen. He had to be brought afterwards to the hospital. Such incidents are fortunately very rare.

in the Meantime, the founding team dressing no more apartments. The company currently manages approximately 2,500 apartments in 14 cities such as London, Paris, Lisbon, Dubai and Hong Kong, and makes around 50 million Swiss francs in revenue per year. Degen still works from the main office in Trogen. To continue in the future. “In Switzerland, we are aware of the legal situation,” he says. In addition, tax Considerations favorable to keep the headquarters in Switzerland.

Further acquisitions planned

guest ready received since the establishment in three rounds of financing, a total of approximately ten million Swiss francs. However, heck does not remain: In a next round of financing expected to be a two-digit million amount is to come. “The money we want to use for further acquisitions,” explains co-founder and CFO Patrick Degen VIEWS. Target a consolidation in the market, he adds.

In April of this year, guest ready has taken on the comrades-in-arms BnbLord, the largest administrator of municipal apartments in France and Portugal. Thus, the Appenzeller Start-up rose to become the European market leader.

more and more business clients

“in Addition, we continue to put a lot of money in the development.” At the Moment 20 developers in Prague and Portugal operate a total of some 150 employees on the Software, the guest ready to other companies licensed. Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) is the name of the business field in which business customers, the finished Software, the Start-ups can use. “This area is currently growing strongest,” says Degen. Business customers now account for around a quarter of the customers of guest ready.

The service provided by guest-ready costs Airbnb provider between 12 and 30 percent of the rental income, depending on whether only online services are included or someone to be on site for Check-in and Check-out. In London and Paris, where 70 to 75 percent of all guest ready managed apartments, the company is according to own data already profitable. “Over all, we have not reached the break-even,” says Degen.

The Switzerland holds too little potential

In your own home guest ready is currently not active. For economic reasons, such as Degen says. “When we in Paris or London is an apartment online, it is running at 85 percent of the year.” Paris is the largest Airbnb city in the world. London comes in second place. “For homes with such utilization of the potential in Switzerland is currently still low,” says Degen. But it was probably only a matter of time until it was in Zurich, and a few holiday regions in Switzerland.