The Association of Transport Companies (VDV) requires the 69-euro ticket after the nine-euro ticket. The federal government does not seem averse to the idea. FOCUS Online says exactly what the ticket should look like and when it should start.

While it’s a requirement, given the rise in the cost of living, it could still come. The 69-euro ticket for public transport.

Germany’s prize champion and FOCUS online price checker Konstantinos Mitsis says what the ticket will bring and who will benefit from it.

21 million 9-euro tickets were sold by mid-July. A few million more could be added by the end of the month. The previous record of 21 million special tickets sold, which was broken in June, could thus be broken.

Owners can use the previous 9-euro ticket to travel across Germany on all Deutsche Bahn regional trains.

Due to the great success, there should be a successor.

The proposal comes from the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). In a newspaper interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, managing director Oliver Wolff specified the idea.

Instead of 9 euros per month, commuters should then pay 69 euros per month.

The ticket should be valid throughout Germany and will be on sale on September 1st. The same applies here: If you buy the ticket in your place of residence, you can also use the bus and train in other cities and communities.

Due to the significantly higher price, the 69-euro ticket should not replace the subscription models that apply to all German transport companies. Rather, the new special ticket is intended to complement them.

Daily, weekly and monthly tickets from the individual transport companies are to be sold in parallel with the 69-euro ticket.

This time, too, the 69-euro ticket is only valid for local public transport and for regional trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. Train journeys with the ICE, IC or EC would then not be possible.

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And what does the federal government say about the proposal? She’s not averse to it at all.

There is a good chance that the 69-euro ticket or a comparable offer will come in September.

Greens boss Ricarda Lang signaled support for a successor regulation: “We will discuss the model in the coalition, but one thing is clear: a follow-up regulation is needed, which, as proposed by the Federal Minister of Transport, applies as uniformly as possible throughout Germany and is cheap, i.e. also socially,” explained you.

However, the government is faced with the task of having to achieve two goals at the same time. “We want a cheap ticket and at the same time improve the quality of the offer, that means investing in the infrastructure.”

The more expensive 69-euro ticket is only worthwhile for commuters who take long train journeys to work or who have to travel back and forth between two federal states.

In addition, the ticket is worthwhile if …

The 69-euro ticket is also worthwhile during the holiday months (e.g. in December because of Christmas).

If you pay 39 euros a month for your monthly ticket, the suggested ticket is not really worth it. Not even if you travel within your federal state at the weekend. Then you can, for example, use the national train ticket. Costs between 26 euros and 36 euros, depending on the federal state.

Thus, the 69-euro ticket would not be worthwhile even for a weekend trip within a federal state.

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