In a secret climate-conference of the Google Camp, met a few days ago, the Rich and the Beautiful in Italy: Celebrities and Tech-giants such as Leonardo DiCaprio (44), Naomi Campbell (49), Orlando Bloom (42), Katy Perry (34), Barack Obama (57), Mark Zuckerberg (35) or Bradley Cooper (44), gathered for the three-day event on Sicily. As the “Daily Mail” reported, to have held in front of the A-League of Hollywood, among others, Prince Harry (34) – barefoot – a haunting speech on climate protection.

“Highly ironic that 114 Private Jets needed to be”

The appeal of the Royals, to save the planet, is likely to fall on deaf ears, pushed to be. Because the Stars came, allegedly, with approximately 114 private jets and luxury yachts to the conference! According to the “Giornale di Sicilia” were up to 4. August signed in the framework of the conference more than a hundred private planes landing at the airport of Palermo – 40 of them ended up alone last Sunday. A guest said to the “New York Post”: “There’s been discussions about Online privacy, policy, human rights and the environment, of course. The main theme this year is global warming. Since it is highly ironic that for the event 114 Private Jets are needed.”

Stars are causing with CO2 emissions of 784’000 kg

As the U.S. Portal, calculated, caused the climate sinners in 114 First-class Tickets from Los Angeles to Palermo a CO2 emissions of 784’000 kg. Off the coast of, among other things, the Mega were sighted yachts of new Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart (64) and the US businessman Barry Diller (77).

In the secret conference, launched by the Google-founders Larry Page (46) and Sergey Brin (45), discuss Tech Gurus, entrepreneurs and personalities from the Entertainment industry, a variety of topics in the holiday Paradise. “Google Camp should be a place where influential people can meet to discuss how we can make the world a better place”, as a regular guest to the “New York Post”. The Stars Posts in Social Media are strictly prohibited. The Event program, which will cost Google $ 20 million, is only available with a password on a web page to be found. (kad)