the company said on Thursday after U.S. market close in Seattle, Washington state. The profit increased from 660 million to 663 million dollars. Starbucks benefited from higher prices, new drinks and dining are offered, as well as its US delivery service.

CEO Kevin Johnson was satisfied, and referred in particular to the growth in customers in the largest markets, USA and China. Starbucks opened in the world the bottom line is that 319 new stores, thus the number of branches of the quarter was the end of the 30’184 by seven percent over the previous year.

The profit forecast for the full year has been increased to 2.75 to $ 2.79 per share. For investors, this was well received, the stock rose after trading hours by two percent. Since the beginning of the year, the price has already risen by around 20 percent. He could be reached on Friday a new record high in US trade.