Because the TV crew from RTL now had the Problem of the bridge felt the misery of long waiting time. To 22.01 watch could finally be kicked off a yet – thanks to a replacement gate. BVB to today’s sport boss and former captain Michael Zorc (57), lost with 0:2.

While the commentator Marcel Reif (70) and Günter Jauch (63) for your entertainment, the deposits were subsequently recognized with awards (including the Bavarian television prize), was Ulli Potofski (67) – then also this night under mega stress, and with two colleagues for the audience – active-empty.

And it’s been bugging the popular presenter until today…

“Ripe and Jauch have made the big Show, I was in the basement. The two got the prices, I have nothing,” he recalls with a wink.

Ulli Potofski: reader’s letter from his mother

The Moderator, as reported to him at the time, then a reader’s letter fell into the hands of. In it, someone infuriated that Potofski have received, in contrast to Mature and Jauch no price. And this somebody was not anybody. dpa/Rolf Venn Bernd Ulli Potofski

“I came to the end of the letter, and then Gerda Potofski, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, stand as:. So, my mother. God rest her soul. Today I say: you played it right.”

at the moment, the luck is the child of the Bundesliga, unfortunately, not terribly hold.

Because in the light of the Corona-crisis all the readings of his new book 52, he has brought out together with the political darling Wolfgang Bosbach (67) and in the Torfall of Madrid topic is currently covered. “Unfortunately, a disaster,” he says honestly. How you know him…

This article was written by Markus crutches Teresa Enke: “So, you protect yourself against loneliness in Corona-crisis best,” FOCUS Online, Teresa Enke: “So, you protect yourself against loneliness in Corona-crisis, the best”

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