It’s not all football stars, who abide by the rules to stay at home and avoid contamination here in this time with corona epidemic.

over the weekend, it was Aston Villa’s captain, Jack Grealish, who messed up tremendously, and now it is the turn then come to Bayern Munich’s Jérôme Boateng.

Exactly like with Jack Grealish is a car accident guilt in that it has been detected that the player has left Munich, although he has given strict order not to do it.

Tuesday was Boateng so a trip to Leipzig to visit his son, but the trip home ended up in the discount, why his behavior has been discovered, and now Boateng so cough up with the money to the local hospitals – again as Grealish.

“Bavaria’s defender Jérôme Boateng left Munich yesterday without the club’s permission. It is in conflict with the club’s requirements,” writes the club in a message, and adds:

“the FC Bayern sees itself as a role model here. As a consequence of this violation, the club decided to award a penalty for Boateng. The association donates the sum to the hospitals in Munich.”

this is The second time in a few months, that the Boateng ends up in trouble.

In december, he was charged with assaulting her boyfriend.