your face is probably one of the most Famous in the whole of Germany, when it comes to good nutrition and cooking: Sarah Wiener as an expert in these areas, the new movement is the initiative of the German athletics Association.

Sarah Wiener, the corona crisis is omnipresent. How are you personally?

Sarah Wiener: I’m good. I live in the countryside, in a wooden house, have a garden, and a full pantry and when I would whine, then it is not in order in comparison with all the people out there who are alone, struggling, maybe with mental illnesses, and much worse off are. But maybe can grow out of this crisis is also something Positive. For each and every Individual. But also for the society. A positive change could be our way of dealing with the topic of food and nutrition in General.

What you believe: the importance of nutrition in times of crisis?

Sarah Wiener: The change will take place on different levels. Cooking and eating can be in times like these, the experience in the otherwise uneventful daily life. The meals and also the associated preparation can give your day the structure that is missing, otherwise, partially, or only needs to be found. This can apply to Singles, the car for the first time, to something more elaborate recipes, but also for families with children who are currently experiencing very a lot more time as a family. When do you ever have time to experience Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the entire family? This can also bring a new quality to the family life.

do you Have any tips for parents who have now perhaps for the first time to cook together with your kids, or to bake?

Sarah Wiener: it is Important to take children seriously. Get the kids in the kitchen, hold that cooking or baking takes longer, or something next to it goes. Your own Board, your give them a bowl and trust you with something. Also, the Taste. I have never experienced that a child has verwürzt something. Or even too much sugar has taken. Children have a well-functioning taste buds, we should celebrate. Depending on the age of small things enough, how about a strawberry yogurt, or an Apple compote. Cooking is a fun experience for the children, what to take as a positive experience – in the best case for your entire life.

but There are also people who feel trapped in their own Four walls, which have no relation to the cook. What is the Benefit it can have to cook from their point of view, but also for people like this?

Sarah Wiener: one does have to eat. So why not take the Necessary to combine business with pleasure? Cooking is a creative process. I work with the hands, to create something. That alone already has a grounding, calming effect. It is not even to stand for hours in the kitchen and cook from a myriad of ingredients something. I can prepare basic delicious food, and me so much joy. Because a home-cooked meal is always a Consolation. I think I can say: cooking is something for every Psyche, in no matter what condition. Cooking is something for the soul.

speak to one of the basic ingredients. What are the basic ingredients you always have in the house?

Sarah Wiener: I’m crazy with a Diet. I have an organic farm, am a Beekeeper, have more of a closet there’s a whole storage room as a stock. My family sneered at me always a little bit that I’ve always arouses a lot of, but it’s fun and is Care. I myself have always whole-grain cereals in the house, such as oats or spelt. This is already so much you can produce, like some noodles, pancakes, or bread. And if I should have baked too much bread: never throw away! Also something Great cooking can be. I can roll the dice and sauté. I can cook it “Poor knights”, I can make dumplings, or bread salad. Cooking is always creativity.

in Addition, I swear to eingewecktes fruit. I eat a lot of fruit. Then I still have Sand in stored vegetables such as potatoes or beetroot. My vegetables, of course, is not as perfect as the vegetables from the supermarket, there are adhesions, is smaller, has maybe a couple of ugly Spots but, and this is the most Important, it tastes incredibly good and it is the result of my work. This is very satisfying. And I know this: It is 100 percent organic. No one wants to harmful substances in his body. We should not accept but also in our nature, in our soils, in the packaging and in the water. But you have to have no philosophy, good food to grow, whether in the garden or on the balcony.

As it is advisable to prepare, such as a subtle-week plan, in times like these?

Sarah Wiener: create A weekly plan is basically never wrong. It helps to structure the week to plan and to be reasonable to shop. However, it may happen that we get one or the other just. Nevertheless, A food crisis, we have not sure yet. If you don’t understand but by now, the importance of regional, diverse, stable food networks, the is not going to help. Globalization is currently showing not only their weaknesses, but also how dependent we are of a few large corporations that dominate us in many areas.

chickweed? A lot of iron, calcium and Magnesium

Currently, the immune system is in the focus. We want to protect ourselves, as well as it goes. Guessing which foods you in this context?

Sarah Wiener: is A keyword, which falls in connection with the immune system is always fast, safe ginger or lemon. But we don’t have to wander so far, and on products that need to be imported. Because our living environment provides us with so many great foods that make our immune system fit. I as a Beekeeper take, for example, to Propolis, so the processed buds resin of bees. But also nuts contain valuable ingredients. Who lives in the country, can now harvest the chickweed. This is a so-called weeds, which contains a lot of iron, calcium, and Magnesium. All herbs are wild-a good basis for our immune system. (Editor’s note. d. Red.: This issue we delve into in a separate post in the coming time)

A different keyword, the moment again and again, is “gluten-free”. The Background: A gluten-free diet is to stabilize the intestine and our body, the less prone to make. An opinion you share?

Sarah Wiener: I don’t think that restrictions make us healthier, unless a waiver of certain products is prescribed by a doctor. The solution for me is rather, the decision to eat as diverse as possible, as unprocessed, because the additives added to our food, the degree of processing, which are to fight with our body to life. This is true for cereals, for Oil, but also for all other products, such as milk. Low-fat milk or H-milk – our metabolism doesn’t know at all. We are part of nature and, accordingly, of course we should feed ourselves.

This Credo comes through in your Online cooking course that you offer as a response to current life circumstances, recently, online on Facebook. “Cooking , even in times of crisis” – where you put the emphasis?

Sarah Wiener: With this offer, I would like to appeal especially to beginners. Now, the best Chance is to be with the cooking to begin and to dare. It is, therefore, especially easy, basic recipes. I cook mostly without scales, very basically, in order for the User to develop a feel for the ingredients and independently learn to cook – that is a rewarding feeling. To cook with love, which gives us confidence in their own abilities.

This article was written by Alexandra Dersch

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*The contribution of “immune system look to strengthen? Chickweed has released a lot of iron, calcium, and Magnesium” is from DLV. Contact with the executives here.