the List of objects already formed in the near future the document will be submitted to the project Committee and the government, said the Agency.

to Prepare a new Federal project of the Ministry of transport instructed the President following the meeting of the state Council on development of road network in June 2019. The government on 20 February 2020 program was approved.

By this time the regions have already received the first outline the amount of funding required and the proposed works, told “RG” Deputy Director on scientific work of Scientific research Institute of transport construction (TsNIIS) Yuri Novak. Now the list of about 100 bridges, which are supposed to build. For example, new bridges are needed in the Jewish Autonomous region. Among the biggest projects could be the construction of a bridge across the Lena river in Yakutsk, the bridge across the Volga river to bypass around Togliatti, he said.

But the main burden will fall still for the repair of existing bridges. In Russia there are 35 thousand, of which immediate repairs require three thousand.

the project up to standard will be given over two thousand emergency bridges until the end of 2024. It is less than 3% of all bridges and overpasses, that is, some problems will remain, says analyst at the Institute for complex strategic studies Natalia Churkina.

the Project will help to relieve the acute situation, but the program needs to continue, experts believe.