The Distress in the leaders of major is. Drivers increasingly need to push the extra layers, so that the customers do not stay on the railway stations. Also for the staff in the planning of the state of emergency is an extreme burden. They toil in shifts of ten hours or more, in order to keep the operation Running. The System is at the Limit of how VIEW-show research. Several employees already suffer from Burn-out syndrome.

“the strain of The Crews is high,” confirms SBB spokesman Reto Schaerli. “There are employees that would fail due to health problems, also in other areas.” The Federal railroad take each case very seriously and support the employees.

the VIEW had access to internal documents and spoke with members of the railway trade Union SEV, the staff Association Transfair, as well as the professional Association VSLF. Just under 30 drivers are missing every day. By the end of the month, each individual day stock. On weekdays, the Situation is at its worst.

begging-SMS and special premium

drivers are desperately looking for them, begging SMS is the use of the planner almost every day, sent. The lack of counter to be an engineer with special allowances lured into the cab. Who can live without one of his days off, receives the SBB recently, 80 Swiss francs extra per day. The railway company BLS pays 100 francs premium, if drivers show themselves to be flexible and additional days of toil (EYES reported). This brings more money in the household budget, but it is not necessarily good for the health.

For the use of planners despair is meanwhile wide. You are in the role of “Ausputzers”, as a railway staff said. Every day you make an effort an Additional, to fight against the sub-stock. You are looking for hours of train drivers, so that the guide on the next day is actually occupied. Thus, all of the trains. And so travelers can come as planned to the goal.

The Situation of the SBB staff brings to the attack. The professional Association VSLF sounds the Alarm. “The first colleagues with a unique Burn-out failed-a Symptom,” writes VSLF-Chef Hubert Giger (50) in an internal Newsletter, the VIEW is present. The Details are shocking. The load was so high, that a SBB employee had to be directly with the ambulance picked up.

Critical Situation in the Canton of Valais

the situation is Particularly dramatic in the subsidiary SBB Cargo in the Canton of Valais is. The personnel situation in the case of train drivers and operation planners here are so serious, that many services can no longer be provided. The goods to be delivered to the Lonza plant in Visp, standing in question, it was said.

The SBB confirm the defect on request. The Situation was “tense”, says spokesman Schärli. “Currently lack, in particular, in the Brig train drivers, but also switcher guide due to several cases of illness,” said SBB spokesman. There had been “individual cancellations”. “The majority of the trains were otherwise, then tags will be tracked.”

to alleviate the Hardship, have detachiert the SBB train drivers from other Depots to the Brig. Personnel of a sister company helps. In addition, team leaders are now back in the driver’s cab is active, in order to prevent further cancellations.

SBB-leadership in the review

Burn-out Concerned to find a point of contact with the social counselling of the SBB, says Schärli. You help out with private and professional problems. “This ranges from financial distress about difficulties in the workplace to private relationship problems,” said SBB spokesman. If necessary, external experts were involved make.

For the representatives of the workers, the conditions are untenable. Bruno Zeller (50) from the staff Association TransFair and Manuel Avallone (57) from the SEV, the Union of transport personnel, criticize the SBB-guide. Both in passenger traffic and in goods traffic there had come to decide, in the last years Failed, say the two. The different savings of the SBB, the System would have exercises “will not fit, but weak and vulnerable,” says Avallone. “There is no Reserve anymore.”

Both Zeller as well as Avallone welcome the Extra chunk, the SBB and the BLS align recently for drivers. You agree that this can only work temporarily.

warning-an accident

“Whether this measure will be over a long period of success, is more than questionable,” says Giger from the professional Association VSLF. He reported by train drivers, which worked for two weeks without a break. This is the absolute Limit. “The employees are allowed to work a maximum of 13 days in a row,” says a spokesman for the BAV (see Box).

Giger warns of accidents: If a train driver working up to two weeks in the irregular service, “arises in the case of failed actions, the question of responsibility,” the President of the professional Association in the direction of the railway bosses. And for the future he stated: “A relief is not in sight.”

Two weeks without a break in the train driver’s booth: Is that allowed? “The regulation is clear”, writes the Federal office of transport (BAV) on request. “The employees are allowed to work a maximum of 13 days at a stretch.” This applies to all the public transport companies. For every train, every Tram, every Bus and every ship.

“the exceptions to these maximum limits are not allowed”, so the BAV more. Who was 13 days without a break in service, may not even make a brief appearance. “It would not change the fact, if the affected Person would for instance to work only four hours per day,” added the Federal Agency. There are also financial compensations, such as aligning the SBB and BLS, do not change the legal Situation.

the aim of the provision is the health of the employees. And the safety of the users of public transport. “The employer and the employee are liable for prosecution if you violate any of these rules,” notes the BAV. Marc Iseli