For the current year would continue to be allowances Hardship for the cleaning of toilets and the removal of graffiti paid, announced the SBB on Wednesday. The calculation of the allowances will, however, be simplified.

For the train-cleaning staff give it to loss of Wages, and the amount of the payment corresponds to the individual Commitments of the last years. The two parties would agree on in the coming months for the subsequent years, a simple and equitable solution, with the help of the previous financial compensation for the affected staff continues to be secured, continue to write to the SBB.

The trade Union of transport personnel (SEV) had protested against the abolition of the “dirt allowance”, to be deleted, have their information at the beginning of this year. She had intervened against this “incomprehensible and unacceptable attack on the lowest income in the case of the SBB” immediately. The past week has now been a solution for the current year is found.

the principle is that the employees for the challenging and important work not less than to date paid received. The allowances could not be calculated for each employee individually. They would, however, be paid in accordance with the personal requirements of each individual employee.

According to the SBB, around 1000 employees to clean at the end of a day the trains of the SBB. In the maintenance of the closed toilet systems each year would be invested ten million Swiss francs. (SDA)