As announced, also the KV Mechelen measures to ensure that the financial impact of the coronacrisis to a minimum. The technical and medical staff of the club, has agreed to be one half of what they were paid to deliver. Also, the players asked the club to make an effort. They will present this weekend for their contribution.

like the Standard will, KV Mechelen, and with a portion of the money saved from the health care sector to support it. The club is strong and they have a solidarity contribution of 100.025 euros will be provided to the health care sector in the Belgian regions as well.

“At this time of the corona wire ensures that it is to shut down the competition with a serious loss of revenue. It was for the executive committee to provide solutions, in consultation with the staff and the players,” said general manager Frank Lagast on the clubwebsite. “Overall, the medical and athletic staff to provide advance of fifty per cent of their salary. The board of directors and the board of directors and will work as before, without any compensation. This is the weekend to consult with the players about their contributions.”

No temporary unemployment

Malinwa raises, therefore, a temporary increase in unemployment in to the players and the coaches. “We have to pay for it and our players are only limited to contribute to the social security system, then it stands to reason that we will now not be entitled to do so, even if we can do that.” For white-collar workers and the suits of KVM in the system, partial or complete, temporary unemployment because of force majeure, however, said, “because, for them, there are some social security contributions to be paid by such other companies. “A number of members of staff, there is currently little to no work, so we can take this step. A number of employees have work lined up, but it was a personal call, by telephone, in solidarity with the others, and inure to the benefit of the club, agree to and accept these rules.”

you can be A part of their wages to the players, staff, coaches, doctors and physiotherapists are going into the health care sector in the Belgian regions. “There is a solidarity contribution from 100.025 euro. Once all of this is behind us, and once again the public will be allowed into the stadium, we will have all of the staff at the hospitals and in residential care centres, out of the Famous well them.”

“With all our hearts, and we hope that we will respond as quickly as possible and return to play football”, and ending with Lagast. “For a club KV Mechelen, is athletic, and financial is very important for the team, it would be a very passionate and emotional breath of fresh air in this particular era. But in our minds, and the gezondheidsanalyse by a team of experts to tell us that we will have for a long time without football, and with the public as it should be. The health of the game of football.”

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