during the Christmas holidays employees Mospeada will be harder to patrol parks and green areas. The people who are here for specially protected areas of the capital, you should carefully study the information boards and read the rules of visitation.

Common problem in the winter — the arrival on the territory of natural objects by personal transport. Vacationers often forget that open fires and use of grills outside special sites is prohibited.

natural areas not to drink alcohol, litter, launch fireworks and other pyrotechnics. Loud noises and bright flashes especially at night afraid of wild animals. Pyrotechnics can lead to the death of small birds and mammals. Even harmless firecrackers can disturb the forest dwellers. In addition, fireworks can cause fire.

the Park Visitors should not forget that the natural area is primarily a home for animals, birds and plants. Many of them are listed in the Red book of Moscow. For example, in the Bitsevsky forest nature and historical Park “Tsaritsyno” live water vole (the third category of rarity) and forest Mysovka (the fourth category of rarity), and in Izmailovo Park noticed a forest marten. On the natural territories of Moscow live zhelna, woodcock, Kestrel, black-headed gull, common terns, lapwing and other rare birds. New year celebration should not be a threat to them.

Feeders for rabbits and houses for bats: how Mospeada supports the number of animals in winter