A gruesome crime has shocked on Thursday to Basel and all of Switzerland. Primary school student Mergim L.* (†7) is reported on the way home from a Elderly woman (75) with a knife stabbed (VIEW). The Boy is seriously injured on the neck, collapses, remains in a large pool of blood on the pavement.

The class teacher of the boy rushes to his aid. However, the primary students who visited only 200 meters from the scene of the crime, the school house, Gotthelf, has no Chance. In the University children’s hospital of the Kosovo succumbs to Albanians a little later from his injuries.

“doubt as to the Culpability of the accused”

The perpetrator ensures the Basel Prosecutor’s office. In the case of the 75-year-old Pensioner, is a Swiss. On the day after the murder, in Gotthelf-quarters of the competent public Prosecutor’s office shall act to the homicide. According to investigators, the woman left the scene immediately after the attack in the direction of protect Matt Park.

Then she wrote to several persons and institutions in a text and reported the fact. To which persons and institutions are, according to Peter Gill, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office of Basel did not want to Express, at the request of a VIEW in more detail. “We will clarify now, what are the messages via phone or SMS is received,” says Gill.

the murder weapon to ensure

The murder weapon was added with the help of the boys, “a cut on the neck”, could be ensured, according to Gill, the Prosecutor’s office. For the Elderly woman is now being requested on remand. The motive remains unclear. On the basis of the first findings would, however, “there is doubt as to the culpability of the accused”.

The perpetrator, who is in Basel resident, will now be examined psychiatrically. If the Elderly woman is already noticed earlier by their behavior in the neighborhood, is the subject of ongoing investigations. The police believe that the perpetrator did not know the family of Mergim, even the boys themselves personally. A special Commission was established to investigate the death of a small Mergim.

*the Name has been changed

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For the Saturday 23. March is called on Facebook to the funeral March for the slain Mergim l. with. Already have logged well over 100 people. The March will start at 14 o’clock at the St. Galler-Ring Basel Gotthelf-quarters. The participants are called by the organizers, with the public transportation.