Employees of St. Petersburg enterprises, which will be out on jobs, must provide masks, gloves and antiseptics. It must be done by employers, the press-service of administration of Petersburg.

In the explanations published by the authorities on the website of the Smolny, said that until may 18, all organizations and individual entrepreneurs should make their own local regulations on the standard of safe operation. Form this document was developed by the municipal Committee for industrial policy, innovation and trade together with Rospotrebnadzorom.

may 12, in St. Petersburg expands the list of enterprises and organizations, which can continue its work in offline mode. All employers must warn the Committee for industrial policy on the resumption of its activities.

In General, the rules for all businesses and organizations is one. At the entrance to the workplace employees will need to measure the temperature. If it is above 37 degrees, the employee is sent home with a strong recommendation to call the doctor. Likewise, will not be allowed on the workplace of the employee with the symptoms of SARS, for example, if a person coughs or sneezes.

Each organization must approve the list of staff in the workplace. To opt-in offices and shops where a large number employees, employers recommended replacement schedule.

protection of employees the employer provides. It needs to provide workers with a stock of disposable masks, gloves and antiseptics. Calculating the number of masks should be such that the employee could change them during the day several times. Clarification from the city authorities emphasized that the re-use of disposable masks are not allowed. Reusable masks can’t be extradited.

Also during the working day it is necessary to repeatedly carry out cleaning of the premises, to treat door handles and toilets. The workflow must be organized in such a way that between the employees was a minimum distance of five feet.

Previously, city officials recommended that the employers, who were able to organize the work of enterprises on remote, not to change the format of activities in the period of the pandemic.