as of this evening, the SRF-Moderator Michael Weinmann (38) in “Schweiz aktuell” (“train to train”, SRF 1, from 19 hours), and a variety of rail routes of Switzerland. He himself was a big Fan of trains, you would help him at all when flying.

. A realistic image?
Michael Weinmann: Quite. While I am not a GA, but a subscription for the ZVV network. For my work train is rather suboptimal. We often have a lot of Equipment. I myself have no car, a driver’s license, however, will.

Also, since I’m just a tenant. The railway will help me extremely when flying. I’m flying to view, so always with the view to the outside. Since rail lines are an important orientation aid.

Zurich is my home. When I met one and a half years of my girlfriend, she lived in Pfäffikon, and I regularly took the train. Important: If you leave in the Morning, Pfäffikon, one must necessarily sit with your back to the direction of travel. So you can see the Glarner Alps and how behind it the sun rises, and under it glitters in the water.

cliff is a narrow to me, I’d rather have Wide and good view. Sensational I find the distance from Vevey to Geneva and the Lavaux. The Americans would have to build something extra, for us it is easy.

My grandparents have had an influence: they took my brother and me each with a Swiss travel. Especially my grandfather was always so enthusiastic about our country. That was geography and history lessons, a classical education journey. I would be a lot of that’s why, once again with my Grandfather through Switzerland to be able to tours.

He sure has helped. “Schweiz aktuell” is the perfect broadcast for the feeding trips I’ve done with my grandfather, and more. In this sense, I have found my dream job.

Our goal: to show The whole range. In addition, we looked at the routes with their own name: pre-Alpine Express, Golden pass or Bernina. The Glacier Express we were, because we can fill the whole week. We wanted a relatively unknown journey, and came to Yverdon–Sainte-Croix. And the Centovalli railway was awarded the contract because of their popularity among the German Swiss. However, the basic criteria there was not. What struck us at the end: There are no SBB routes, but only private Railways.

The gold pass we try, first and foremost, in the composition. Let’s see if the technology holds out.

entry into The journalism succeeded the native of Zurich Michael Weinmann (38) as a 17-year-old high school student, as he commented for Radio Top football games. While studying at the ZHAW in Winterthur, ZH, he switched to sports After ten years of sports journalism, he began in the summer of ten years ago as an Editor and a presenter for the SRF Format “Schweiz aktuell”. Weinmann lives in Zurich, his great passion, flying is.