quite A new friendship arose by chance.

How to tell Nicklas Bendtner and Philine Reopstorff about the friendship, Bendtner recently scored with the singer Burhan G.

In the last episode of the series ‘Bendtner & Philine’, which can be streamed at Dplay, explains the famous few, how the friendship occurred on a holiday in the Maldives.

“Karly has been a new friend on holiday, so he is of course down and work out with him instead of getting a nice romantic breakfast with his girlfriend,” says Philine Roepstorff in the program.

Nicklas Bendtner even says in the programme that he has met Burhan G several times at various events without having taught him to know better.

Coincidentally ended Burhan G with to take on holiday in the same area in the Maldives, like Nicklas Bendtner and Philine Roepstorff, and from there blossomed the friendship.

“So we meet really just down in the gym in the Maldives, he also has chosen to go down. So we agreed to train together. We had super good chemistry and many common interests. Through it, we were really just friends,” said Bendtner.

the Footballer Nicklas Bendtner is still without a club, and it is not yet known whether he chooses to continue as a football player.