The Nosferatu spider is spreading more and more in Germany. It was last seen a total of 16,000 times in just two weeks, most of them in Baden-Württemberg.

The Nature Conservation Union (NABU) continues to call for sightings of this species to be reported. This is important because the migration of animals like this one can provide information about climate change and other environmental developments.

So if you want to help and you’re regularly out in the fresh air anyway, just use the Naturgazer web app to report the Nosferatu spider in your area.

Report the Nosferatu Spider here: Nature Gazer app

The Nosferatu spider gets its name from the pattern on its back, which is said to resemble the monster in the movie. The spider is otherwise inconspicuously mottled light brown.

The animal likes it warm and therefore lives mainly in buildings in Germany. With a wingspan of no more than six centimetres, it is smaller than the classic angle spider, which also likes to live in safe four walls.

Despite the spooky name, the little eight-legged friend is harmless to humans. Like many spiders, it has a venom, but it is not strong enough to harm humans. According to NABU, a bite from the spider feels similar to a wasp sting. Severe skin reactions or local swelling can only occur in the case of allergies.