The voice of sports reporter Frank Buschmann has shaped football in particular for many years. In an interview he now talks about his end as a sports commentator.

Many restrictions as a reporter: The sports commentator Frank Buschmann will no longer be active in sports after the coming season. It’s just not his world anymore, he justifies his decision at “dwdl”. “How much authenticity is still possible,” Buschmann asks himself and goes on to say that it’s only about production standards “or the approach of what you’re allowed to do as a reporter or not.”

Short, compact, clear

You used to be closer: “I became a sports reporter with the illusion of being close to what was happening,” says Buschmann. When he started, he could still “feel the crackling” and report on things that were hidden from all cameras. Even if he can understand the business approach, he misses this time.

Emotions are missing due to distance: “You can remember so many statistics, but in front of a screen in a vaulted cellar, office or recording studio you will never get the feeling for the event. And if you don’t have this feeling, you won’t be able to convey it to the audience either,” emphasizes Buschmann