Many people in Germany are currently having to save – some are doing the same when it comes to their health. This is the result of a new clinic survey. A fatal result. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. Five tips.

Inflation drives prices up. More and more people in Germany therefore have to save. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in health services. According to a representative survey by the Asklepios Clinic, many are already cutting corners when it comes to sports, food and medical treatments.

FOCUS online gives five tips for a healthy lifestyle that cost (almost) nothing.

According to the survey, one in five people are already giving up membership in a gym or sports club to save money. The good news: you can do sports anywhere. From yoga to Zumba to strength training – there are numerous free hands-on videos on YouTube. Even better: move sports outside – also free of charge and even healthier thanks to the fresh air.

Our tips:

Good news for those who do not exercise: Even short sports units make a significant difference in health. “Exercising 10 to 15 minutes a day so intensely that you easily start sweating and panting has an extremely positive effect on our health and healthy aging,” explained sports professor Martin Halle in an interview with FOCUS magazine.

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The increased prices are particularly noticeable here: on the till receipt. In the survey, older people in particular stated that they therefore opted for less food quality. In general, one in three said they eat less healthily than they did before inflation. A healthy and balanced diet does not have to be expensive.

Tips on how to save:

According to the survey, every second respondent is afraid of increasing psychological problems. It is therefore important to take precautions here as well. In addition to sufficient exercise, sleep and conscious time-outs, (negative) stress should be avoided as far as possible.

Our tips:

Due to Corona, walking has experienced a renaissance. And rightly so. Walking has numerous proven health benefits. It lifts the mood, can prevent depression and dementia and lets us live longer.

Tips on how to motivate yourself:

Type 2 diabetes, kidney disease or heart problems – all these diseases can be fought if they are detected early. In the case of cancer, too, experts estimate that prevention and early detection can reduce the number of deaths by up to 75 percent. Regular check-ups are all the more important.

According to the consumer advice center:

Dental check-ups (once every six months), vaccinations and pregnancy check-ups are also covered. You can find a detailed list of all preventive medical check-ups covered here.