rumor has it that at Sheremetyevo airport was spotted suitcases filled with gold. In such a difficult time, someone it is not just exports from Russia, but also loses right in the middle of the bustling airport. So what happened in Sheremetyevo?

it’s time to remember the classics and a little it is paraphrased: “Bring Shura, get they’re gold”. Approximately with these words, the movers of the airport could carry a valuable cargo. The fact that he is very valuable, confirmed by the documents.

40 plastic case with gold bars. Total weight of Luggage — a little more than a ton. Destination — London. And photos. If you believe the figures on the asphalt clumsy movers dropped almost 58 million rubles.

“Confirm the discovery of two gold bars employees of service of aviation security of the airport internal road within the airport. The goods were fully delivered to the client. Currently under official investigation”, — militiamen report.

Gold bullion on the pavement immediately excited audience. Here and about coronavirus COVID-19 remembered. But the version that of the Russian export value, no more than the excited imagination of minds. UK just buys gold. In 2019 in the same plastic containers to Albion shipped 9 thousand of these bars is 113 million tons of metal.

“Now they need money and security. There is no money. The money you need to borrow from America. What will be the provision of loans? This is gold! And who is buying gold? Americans will not give them so much. The Europeans are not up to it, the Chinese even more so. We remain” — commented the economist Andrey Plotnikov.

These gold bars weighing 12.5 kilograms each. Such bricks are trading banks and the state. Those that lost in Sheremetyevo cast at the Krasnoyarsk plant of nonferrous metals. The news is a strategic enterprise comes infrequently. The last time the plant lit up in sleepthe NEC of popular front as the state enterprise with the most expensive cars.

“Gold bullion to the Bank is really carried by aircraft. It really is cargo company. Goods thus insured. What we see is a standard bullion. Individuals do not buy them. They buy banks — the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and so forth,” — explains the chief of Department of operation with precious metals “Lanta-Bank” Irina Lozovaya.

Bankers say during transportation, even dropping such a valuable cargo. What can we say about the bags. It is surprising that all this happened not during peak loads, and in a time when airports are not loaded and the passengers at least. Security expert adds — just like the gold bars on the asphalt did not fall.

“first, it should be noted that today it is not an isolated case, when such an ambiguous situation. Moreover, frequent theft of property. Secondly, the porters are often in collusion,” said the security expert chief analyst of the Moscow anti-corruption Committee Stanislav Veselov.

the Cargo was found and returned to owner. According to some information, it never lost at all, and dropped it next to the factory representatives. According to estimates, gold should already be in London. But as they say, spoons were found, and sediment remained.