It was a sad flight. As early as Friday morning at 5.21 a.m., the Lufthansa Airbus A330 with the registration D-AIKQ took off from Frankfurt to pick up the German World Cup soccer players from Qatar.

The plane landed in Doha shortly before 1 p.m. local time. He didn’t stay there long. A few hours later, the plane took off back to Germany to bring home the footballers who failed in the preliminary round of the World Cup.

However, the machine made a stopover in Munich after Frankfurt. According to “Bild”, seven Bayern professionals and DFB manager Oliver Bierhoff got out there.

“Bild” sports director Walter Straten writes that such a stopover would increase the CO2 emissions of a flight by up to 47 percent, he refers to information from the “Royal Institutes of Technology Stockholm”.

A moral classification of the stopover follows at the same time: “This episode is grist for the mill of the critics who consider professional footballers to be spoiled snobs and turn away.”

The plane landed at around 6:15 p.m. on Friday evening for the stopover at Munich Airport. There were no comments after getting off in Munich or later in Frankfurt. Only Thomas Müller revealed a little insight into his emotional world: “I’m medium”.

The Ministry of Economics is planning relief for tenants, companies and numerous other institutions in the billions due to the increased energy prices.

The federal government wants to reform the inheritance tax in the coming year. Inheriting houses then becomes considerably more expensive. There is then a threat of the sale of family property – for example in Auenstrasse in Munich.

In German children’s hospitals, real dramas are apparently taking place these days, as reported by FOCUS online readers. Nurse Ricardo Lange is appalled and says: “It can’t go on like this”.

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The original of this article “DFB-Flieger makes extra stopover for Munich on World Cup homecoming” comes from aeroTelegraph.