Although speed camera apps are a legal gray area, the demand for such warning apps is very high. But it is particularly annoying when the app is on the smartphone but not activated. With the right settings, speed camera warning apps turn on automatically.

The legal situation when using speed camera warning apps in Germany is confusing because the law explicitly only refers to the person driving the vehicle. Passengers are allowed to use speed camera warning apps and verbally warn the driver, and the driver can also check the speed camera warnings before starting the journey or during breaks.

It is not known whether many Germans simply read the text of the law very carefully or whether the threat of punishment (75 euros, 1 point in Flensburg) does not deter them. But according to surveys, many motorists also use speed camera warning devices in this country. So it’s little wonder that Germany’s most popular driver’s app warns of speed cameras. Plus for Android and Pro for iPhone cost a few euros and it can be particularly annoying if you have the app on your cell phone but simply forget to start it in time. With the right settings, this works automatically when you get into the car.

Android users who connect their mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth find it particularly easy to set up an autostart: the corresponding setting is located directly in Plus.

Open the app menu and shimmy through Settings to General and Auto-launch. You need to select the appropriate Bluetooth connection that you want the app to respond to. It is also recommended to place a tick at the bottom behind Automatic stop. Then the app is also closed when you leave the car and the Bluetooth connection to the infotainment system is terminated.

Important: The makers of the app point out that various energy saving measures from Android can interfere. Plus is not yet compatible with Android Auto, but can be used in parallel.

iPhone users can automate Pro via the Shortcuts app. To do this, launch the app and tap Automation at the bottom, then tap Create Personal Automation.

How you proceed depends on how you use the iPhone in the car. If you use Apple CarPlay, go to CarPlay > Next > Add action > Scripts > Open app > App > Select > Pro > Next > Confirm before executing OFF > Do not confirm > Done.

For Bluetooth connections, use the following path after creating personal automation: Bluetooth > Select device > Next > Add action > Scripts > Open app > App > Select > Pro > Next > Done.

Important: iOS does not allow apps to be started fully automatically, and Face ID protection kicks in with CarPlay. The Bluetooth connection also requires confirmation from the user that the app can start. The app also continues to run if the CarPlay or Bluetooth connection is disconnected. An automatic stop via shortcuts is currently not possible.

Even more conveniently than a smartphone app, the small OOONO CO-Driver NO1 gadget warns you of speed cameras. The real-time data from is used in the background.

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