Ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has defended her decision to rely mainly on Russian gas for Germany’s energy supply, as reported by “Welt”. That was necessary for the gradual phase-out of coal and nuclear power, said Merkel in a speech in Lisbon.

The decision was “very rational and understandable,” said the former Chancellor. The Russian gas was cheaper than liquid gas from the USA, Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Merkel went on to say, according to “Welt”, that Russia was a “reliable energy supplier” even during the Cold War. She never believed in “change through trade,” but hoped for “connection through trade,” said Merkel. “And in this respect I don’t regret any decisions at all, but believe that that was the right perspective at the time,” the “Welt” continued to quote the Chancellor. However, the “brutal attack” on Ukraine has now changed the situation.