Scammers have learned new to extort money from pensioners, devastating their cards and wallets. Warn about this in the CPS and FIU.

life figured out where the missing pension and whether you can recover the lost money.

on 2 June, the CPS published on its website a warning. The Ministry said that in the Wake of continued risks of the spread of coronavirus has intensified various kinds of crooks who use the fears of consumers.

the Ministry Also noted that unsuspecting users are invited to click on dangerous links, and store their personal data. As a result, then people are missing the money cards. As a rule, most often the victims of scams are the elderly.

In connection with the regime of isolation, the state authorities introduced a simplified procedure for registration and receipt of pensions and allowances, without leaving the house, that is, remotely. This moment was not left without attention of fraudsters. They began to ring up the elderly under the guise of employees of the FIU and inquire sensitive information.

the first thing very carefully to the question remote receiving state services, registration of banking products and translations. In short, to any situation where a person was not surprised the request of personal data.

— to protect yourself, you need to know that the staff of the FIU and other government agencies do not request for remote registration of a pension or its payment, personal information, social security number, credit card number and PIN — said General Director of LLC “HUC “Lawyer” Asiya mukhamedshina. — The fact that all the necessary information they already have in the database. Now we need to be especially vigilant and cautious, as scammers during a pandemic choose to sacrifice vulnerable people and use the gullibility of the elderly.

Experts do not recommend retirees to keep at home large sums of money. Especially if we are talking about money for a rainy day. Scammers know all the “secret” place in the apartments. While one crook distracts the pensioner and the other is a place to store money. Also, do not keep large sums on the cards. Safer to leave them in the Bank. In this case, even if the fraudster knows PIN cards to make money it will be nothing special.

Another important question — what to do if an older person has become a victim of the attacker? For example, it bought with it some commodity at exorbitant prices. There can be different scenarios. Often go home the representatives it is officially registered company. Only here its products, they sell several times more expensive than the analogs. In this case, the chance to return the money.

— If the purchased goods are not included �� the list of non-food goods not subject to return, then it can be returned to the seller, — says the lawyer of the BMS Law Firm Alexander Inoyatov. As long as it was not used. Therefore before purchase it is necessary not only to listen to advertising, but also to get acquainted with the specifications in the passport documentation. If the product is of poor quality, then you need to send the seller a written claim.

Much more complicated things, if speculators sold the goods with forged documents, and in fact, such firms do not exist. Then to claim no one.

Even worse, if people just paid a non-existing fine or was “necessary” paid survey. As a rule, then the scammers disappear, the chance to return savings to small. The same situation exists in the case of trivial theft. Speculators can enter the house under any pretext, and the loss of money an elderly person it is difficult to find.

— If you become a victim of fraud, you should contact the law enforcement agencies — says Alexander Inoyatov. — Only in this case can be a chance to return the money.