British street artist Banksy has built according to his Instagram Account in the Italian city during the opening of the art exhibition in the vicinity of St. mark’s square, a street stand. There are several paintings, which add up to a large cruise ship. In addition, a sign with the title of “Venice in Oil” – is a reference to the pollution caused by cruise colossi in Venice.

On his verified Instagram Account, Banksy said: “Although it is the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, I was for some reason never invited.” To Banksy has developed a huge Hype, because he keeps his identity a secret for years. Works on diving, be assigned to him. Only a few days ago, Venice was unsure whether a wall could be a painting of a canal by a child with a life-vest by Banksy.

In the Video on the Banksy site are not only see passers-by standing in the Street as the most beautiful work of the biennial praise, but also police officers, the call on the alleged street vendors to leave the place.

Banksy had made last autumn, headlines around the world, because his “Girl with Balloon” had been shredded during an art auction in front of the eyes of the half. It was shortly before the action for the equivalent of around 1.4 million francs, was auctioned off.