Specialist in Russian Philology from Yerevan: In the context of a pandemic, we will sing

the Minister remembers stories about his grandfather on his mother… Veteran of the great Patriotic Manas Sarkisian did not return home, and grandmother Sonya had to raise five daughters in a cold and hungry war and postwar years.

Teacher admits: when heard from the lips of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about his favourite slogan for Victory Day: “Thank you grandpa for the Victory” and called its combined lesson on the Russian language and literature in the fifth grade.

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“And yet I was pleased to tell the guys the real origin of the word “victory”, from old Slavic “polydice”- literally “belief”, and belief by force, – says the teacher. – “Who with a sword to us will come, from a sword will perish!”- the words of the great Novgorod Prince Alexander Nevsky turned out to be prophetic for all seasons”.

According to the Russian language, the Soviet people did not submit to the inhuman Nazi “idea fixe” of becoming ruler of the entire world.

the Minister recalls how deeply his disciples imbued with the atmosphere of besieged Leningrad, when they began to view footage and photographs of that time.

Teacher says that every spring with my guys, they come in a mass grave near the hospital building near the school. During the great Patriotic war the hospital housed a military hospital where he was taken for treatment of wounded soldiers on various fronts.

Our children, reflects the Minister, no less proud of their heroic ancestors than himself.

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“I let them (which you do not do usually) log into the social network and show photos of the action “Immortal regiment” in which they annually participate with their parents. Everyone thought that his grandfather, confidently smiling with pictures, fought the best and thanks to him managed to defeat the enemy, returning peace to the world. Someone told me that his grandfather served in the glorious Taman division, someone- his grandfather walked all the way to Berlin”, – proudly says the teacher.

By the way, in the conditions of quarantine in connection with the coronavirus infection, the Minister decided to organize a Victory Day on Skype – like a flash mob, in which to perform the legendary “Katyusha” live in the social network Facebook.

“Let the dreadful word “war” people will only see in books and films, to see and to breathe a sigh of relief: the war is always punished with a victory. Closing the grade book, I realized that I was fragile, liberated from fascism our fathers and grandfathers world, peaceful and full of pride for their fathers and grandfathers faces of my wonderful students are willing, if necessary, to repeat their exploits – and there’s a real genuine, indelible in time and memory autograph of the great Victory!”, – concludes the specialist in Russian Philology from Armenia.