Marina says about single representative case, which she subsequently told his disciples the lesson of the Russian language. Once in the cafe came two professors from a nearby University. For espresso one of them lamented the fact that young people do not know history, does not know whose bones are built on the fragile peace… And it seems those two made a bet.

“- That’s you, girl, – she turned to me, – do you know how much lasted the siege of Leningrad?

Usually always around uncertainly, then I snapped:

– Eight hundred seventy two days.

My answer led her in surprise and confusion. But then she was reflexively:

Well, probably, you know, because radical peterburzhenka!

“No,” the first time I experienced what is called pride for their country, – from Transnistria.

And it does not matter which of them won this argument. The victory was total,” – shares memories of the teacher.

This story made the students to quiet down and listen to the story of the siege of Leningrad. 872 days of agonizing waiting, mental and physical pain. The death of loved ones. Uncertainty ahead. “A treasured piece of bread – a treasure in the palm, life-saving straw holding afloat. In half of flour, meal, pulp and bran – but that’s all in the head,” said the well-fed generation Marina.

the teacher saw that “is for bread”: “Large pieces of muffin, generously cut arm school cook” was already pretty trampled in the snow.” Specialist in Russian Philology notes that these situations and begin war stories that reach the hearts of students.

most Often, the indifference comes from ignorance. One day the teacher asked the students: “Who is Hitler?”. And in response – silence… Then the brave blurted out: “I know! This is the hero of the film “Hitler kaput!”. Due to the General laughter at that time serious talk had to be postponed”.

to convey to students the essence of the falsification of many of the facts of war and to expose the vile statements that priceless Victory belongs to the Soviet soldier, the teacher uses a surprise move – the game “broken telephone”. “Softly whispered in the ear of the student seated at the front Desk: “the Queen buys all the hats!”. He gave the chain sitting next to the next and so on. Of course, the phrase to the last “recipient” it came in a somewhat changed form: “the Queen is washing clothes!”.

With the historical truth, the same thing happens, explains Marina their wards. About “the Queen” can be question of the teacher as the primary source of information. And in the history of the true witnesses of events: “So tonight, when on Earth there are so few veterans, the truth to get harder and harder. And hunters to change it to rewrite – more”.

Recognizing the story of their relatives who fought, reflects fromthe teacher, her pupils growing up: “Growing up, they can not remain indifferent! Even the most inveterate losers, defies the nihilism and apathy, come to the Victory parade – ironed and flowers. I want to believe that for them the autograph of the Victory – not a cross in the column of illiterate hand.”