Denmark to send special flights to Peru to retrieve the 290 people, of which about 200 danes, says the Ministry of foreign affairs.

A special flights with 290 passengers from Peru lands after the plan in Denmark on Friday morning. About 200 of them are from Denmark.

It says Erik Brøgger Rasmussen, director of the foreign ministry’s Citizen service, at a press conference Wednesday.

He says that 1800 from Denmark, has registered themselves in a krisedatabase, where they indicate that they want assistance. It is primarily about the help to come home from abroad.

Peru is the country where we have the most standing in the krisedatabasen, says Erik Brøgger Rasmussen.

A statement from the foreign Ministry showed on Tuesday morning that the 262 danes in Peru had registered in krisedatabasen.

Those that do not reach særflyet in Peru’s capital, Lima, in the letter, will not be abandoned by the reason, points out Erik Brøgger Rasmussen.

– We should probably get the last button 100 danes, he says.

Already on Sunday evening informed the Ministry of foreign affairs, it would send a special flights to Peru on the night of Thursday to retrieve some of the stranded citizens home.

Denmark has no embassy in the south american country, which is 30 times larger than Denmark.

This means that the Danish travelers are spread out over a large geographical area, where the infrastructure has been closed in the course of a short time. Danish diplomats have therefore not been able to get access to the country to help locally, the state department has previously stated.

the Ministry has in recent weeks repeatedly called on the danes abroad to travel home as soon as possible. The window for hjemrejser closes with great speed, it has been said.

It is because that there are still countries that adopt restrictions on air travel, which can ultimately lead to people stranded abroad.

Erik Brøgger Rasmussen calls during the press conference Wednesday afternoon, specifically the danes, who are staying in Thailand, to come home in a hurry.

– Locate the aircraft, which is against Europe, and do it quickly, he says.