An SPD politician on a terror list? Rolf Mützenich accuses Ukraine of putting him on such a list. Now the Ukrainian diplomat Andriy Melnyk is reacting.

Ukraine put him on a “terrorist list”. At least that’s what the SPD politician Rolf Mützenich claimed to the dpa. He was “already irritated” to have been put on a terrorist list by the “Ukrainian government”.

According to Mützenich, the reason for this was his statements on the subject of ceasefires, local ceasefires and diplomatic steps. In addition, he was threatened.

The Ukrainian diplomat and former ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andriy Melnyk commented on this allegation via Twitter: “Mimimi. There is no ‘terror list’ of the Ukrainian government. Stop portraying yourself as an ‘innocent victim’.”

Under his contribution, however, Melnyk not only reaps encouragement – after all, there is actually a list from the Ukrainian government on which Mützenich is, some users say and give the link to that list in the message history.

Melnyk does not comment on this himself – other users, however, start an attempt at an explanation. The list shows people who use Russian narratives, it says.

Dennis Radtke, Member of the European Parliament (CDU), also commented on the accusation from Mützenich and went straight for a general strike against the SPD: “In the