the Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Savona died on 56-m to year of life. The sad news was announced by the publishing house Planeta in his microblog on Twitter.

“died Today, Carlos Ruiz, Savona, one of the best contemporary novelists”, – stated in the message.

the media have already appeared information that he died in Los Angeles after a long illness.

Carlos Ruiz Savona was born in 1964 in Barcelona. His successful literary career began only 30 years, when in 1993 he published his first series of mystical books for Teens – “the Lord of mist, the midnight Palace”, “September lights”. All of them have been translated into Russian language.

In 2001 he published the novel “the shadow of the wind” (La sombra del viento), which praised the writer for the whole world. He was issued with a total circulation of over 15 million copies and translated into more than 30 languages.

Among his other iconic works, “the angel Game” (El juego del angel, 2008) and “the Prisoner of heaven” (El prisionero del cielo, 2011).