Spanish scientists came to a sensational conclusion about the coronavirus

MOSCOW, 24 APR — RIA Novosti. Researchers from Spain conducted a study about the penetration of the new coronavirus in the country and came to a sensational conclusion. The results are published on the portal bioRxiv.

the researchers examined the biological material of cases COVID-19 and came to the conclusion that the infection could enter the country in 15 different ways — through contact with other Europeans or the citizens of China.

“Preliminary results of the study indicate that the new coronavirus has already been circulating around the country in mid-February, and rule out the presence of patient zero”, — quotes the study authors El Pais.

the Scientists of the Madrid Institute of health Carlos III took the samples the test samples of patients from different regions of the country to determine whether the new coronavirus and how he could be infected each person. It turned out that the majority of cases the Spaniards were carriers of the virus SARS-Cov-2 family G and S associated with the case recorded in late January in Shanghai.

At the same time, according to experts, Shanghai type of coronavirus has penetrated into Spain, not from China. A surge in the incidence COVID-19 early in the country occurred in Valencia, where it was brought by football fans and players.

In favor of this conclusion says the statement of the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori. The mayor said that the past 19th of February in Milan the match between Atalanta and Valencia could cause infection 40 thousand fans. In the capital of Lombardy for the game arrived about two and a half thousand fans from Spain.

Scientists at this point that to defeat the coronavirus is necessary not only to analyze the past and predict the future behavior of SARS-Cov-2.

coronavirus Pandemic has gripped the vast majority of countries in the world. Currently, according to who, infection the infected of over 2.5 million, 175 thousand of which were killed and about 700 thousand were cured. The greatest number of infected and victims recorded in the United States. In Spain to date there are more than two hundred thousand infections, more than 21 thousand patients died.

Russia ranks tenth in the number of those infected — their number is 68 622, 615 patients died, 5568 managed to defeat the disease. In most regions there is a regime of universal isolation, in a number of regions have introduced a system of passes. Russians urged to stay home.

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