The longer coronakrisen draws out, the more days to the players in the ligaklubberne have to prepare.

There is yet no set date on when the best Spanish football league, Primera Division, again can start up after coronakrisen, which currently affects the southern european country hard.

The Spanish football federation, RFEF, however, have the plan ready, for when it is pressed again fodboldknappen in the country.

Thus connected sent a document with the guidelines for the reopening of the league out to the clubs, writes several Spanish media.

Here, medical specialists, physical trainers, and researchers helped to develop a number of recommendations, so players can return to the league without risking too many injuries after the unexpected break.

Associated confirms on its website that it has prepared a plan for the reopening, but that there is still further work on the plan.

– This document is in the initial phase and aims to protect the players ‘ health and avoid or minimise the damage, says on the website.

According to the Spanish sportsmedie AS describes the RFEF in the document, that the players need to have longer time to prepare, the longer the suspension lasts.

If the shutdown is shorter than four weeks, players must be 15 training days in the league again is finished in time. The limit is already exceeded.

Goods closure between four and six weeks, must be 21 training days, and if the shutdown lasts more than six weeks, the players must be guaranteed a training period of 30 days.

in Addition recommend RFEF according to Marca, there must be at least five days of rest between matches.

The latest battle in Primera Division was played 10. march. There are 11 rounds of the season.

FC Barcelona tops at the moment the table with two points more than Real Madrid in second place.

Spain is the country in the world, where there is a registered second-most smittetilfælde with coronaviruses.

166.019 persons are Sunday night registered infected, and 16.972 have lost their lives.