In February, the former national councillor Chantal Galladé (46) joined with Timpani and trumpets used by the SP to GLP. Now it is equal to does your your successor in the national Council: Daniel Frei (40) now runs over to the green-liberals, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported. Also his life partner, SP-Wyssen certain day, Claudia, with power to the party to exchange the same.

Free was only indented in the winter session for Galladé downstream. There he sits in the Security Commission. Free its change is justified as follows: “The SP has become in my perception over the years, always ideological and dogmatic. It is the strength and the openness for new developments is missing.”

He had always seen itself as a social liberal. “For those of the ridge has become in the last few years, more and more narrow.” Now the point had come at which it is voted.

conclusion with the national Council in November

the reason for the change: For the national Council elections, the SP has just released on the tenth place on the list. The and the bad list were the trigger for the change of parties.

Already in the upcoming summer session in Bern, he will politicize for the GLP group. In the national elections, we no longer compete but, because the GLP has completed the cast List already. In November, he retires from the national Council.

“From a corset

frees” Its history resembles that of his predecessor Galladé. Only in November 2018 Galladé had left the national Council. You haven’t felt for quite some time in the SP well. Their commitment to a “contemporary security policy” had been spurned, also, always, had you complained in your party change.

With the change in feel “from a corset will set you free”. “It’s a very different feeling to be so involved,” said the politician last February. Your departure from the SP had taken care of powerful trouble (EYES reported).

SP: “No Abstrafaktion”

The exchange must prepare the SP Worries, after all, the party loses with a President of the national Council. In the case of SP-national councillor and Co-cantonal President Priska Seiler count (50, ZH), the disposal of at least a shake of the head: “I do not understand it completely. We live quite the breadth and variety in the party,” she says to VIEW.

Best example of this is SP-councillor Daniel Jositsch (54, ZH), which was nominated at the nomination meeting unanimously re-be. “I regret the decision of Dani Free extraordinary,” says Seiler count. “Also, that he is not ready, this width of demand and support.”

she struggles, but against the accusation that Free-cut had been. “He ran on the good tenth place. We had accepted all of the Previous as a set, he would have been on course 9 – he is slipping, as the Last downstream.”

Due to the basic democratic electoral process had been set Céline Widmer in the Reige of the Previous. I made the SP four years ago, also with Mattea Meyer, who was then selected. “We cannot speak of a Abstrafaktion,” says Seiler count.

The SP is now, but must occupy the spaces of Free and Wyssen on the national Council list. “There will be two Nachnominierungen,” explains Seiler count.

thrust for GLP –

to enjoy the change of the GLP can. Your President Jürg Grossen (49) had confirmed the VIEW of earlier, that other SP-MP exchange desires would have. Name he wanted to call but still no.

He made it clear that not just anyone is taken. The big one: “It is crucial that they share our political positions, indeed, we have rejected already several requests.”

For Free and Wyssen, this was obviously not a Problem.