South Korea turned the tide with COVID-19

the Announcement this morning, official statistics at COVID-19 in South Korea confirmed what has already began to speak a few days ago: the situation with the infection under control. Although this is not the final victory and will have a lot to do to achieve it, but if you talk military language, a breakthrough COVID-19, let with losses, but managed to hold back, and now the Korean government and the doctors counterattacked, ousting the infection on the home front.

Photo: Zhang Yuwei/Xinhua via AP South-East of South Korea declared a disaster area due COVID-19

According to the Ministry of health of the Republic of Korea as of midnight on March 16 in the country for the day there were only 74 new cases of infection. At the same time for the same day was recognized as recovered from 303 people. Thus, the total number of cases now at 8236 1137 recovered. Which day in a row, the number who recover is considerably greater than the number of new patients.

Numbers of the past four days speak for themselves. If during the period from 13 to 16 March the number of new patients was rent 110, 107, 76 and 74 people, defeated the infection and were found to be healthy at the same time, respectively, 177, 204, 120 and 303.

This means that in the country every becomes smaller carriers COVID-19. At least if the statistics reflect the real situation, but here we must pay tribute to the Korean authorities – they demonstrate maximum transparency in providing information.

unfortunately, increasing the number of deaths, but the mortality rate in South Korea, probably the lowest of the top five countries where most cases COVID-19 – a total of only 0.92 percentENT.

the morning briefing it was stated that a day died more than any man, leaving a “death counter” for 75, but during the day March 16, died just six people, bringing the number of deaths to 81.

Many of the media and a significant portion of the Korean public which day loudly talking about “a confident win over COVID-19” in Korea, but the doctors and authorities are more reserved in the estimates, urging them not to relax. Yesterday the Minister of health said: “as far As we can tell, the overall situation has stabilized and there has been some progress, but right now it is very important to keep careful consideration to the measures against infection to prevent the recurrence of major epidemics”.

Controlling the situation in the main hearth COVID-19 in the South-East of the country in Daegu and North Gyeongsang province, now the maximum number of forces and means directed to prevent major outbreaks in other regions. The situation now is like fighting a peat fire, when the fire is liquidated, but under the ground continues to smolder in the peat, which leads to local fires where the fire was recently extinguished. In this regard, it is essential as soon as possible to see the flash and immediately to suppress it. In Seoul, Sejong and some other regions have already been cases of infections among a few dozen people. With these lesions there is active fighting.

I guess we can say that in South Korea on the part of COVID-19 the fracture occurred, but before the complete victory is still far. The country is still a lot of carriers of the virus, the infection isn’t gone.

in addition, Korea has a new concern. If until recently the country was called among the main foci of infection, but now many people want to learn from her experience in the fight against COVID-19, but a threat again began to imagine the situation in other countries. Outbreaks in Europe, Iran, able to “break” COVID-19 in other countries, now makes the very South Korea to significantly tighten the rules toof t he control over those who arrives from other countries. Special attention is paid to passengers from Europe, where, judging from the situation now confidently moved the main focus of the spread of coronavirus, were rebuffed in Asia.

Photo: AP Photo/Aaron Favila As a foreigner in South Korea to test for the coronavirus COVID-19

In Korea itself not only in medical but also psychological terms the situation has improved considerably. Panic has never been before, but people were somehow calmer and smile more often. It is significant that in the news media of South Korea are now actively receive the news of local politics, more present on international issues, while more recently, there was only “COVID-19 in Korea.”

Although some of the Koreans and their media sometimes you want to say that we should not boast too loudly and actively advertise about its merits, because COVID-19 in Korea is still present and has not been defeated completely, there were errors in the response, but I have to give them credit: the improvement is evident, people generally follow the recommended practices and rules of conduct, show awareness, willingness to limitations, and panic, again, never happened. Although the shortage of masks in Korea still exists, but the country without its disappearance from the stores of toilet paper and food, while cafes, restaurants and public transport continue to work. On the background of the situation in other countries is also a major achievement.

From Korea now another big issue is the impact COVID-19 for economy and Finance of the country. Despite all the efforts of the government the stock market continues to go down the corkscrew, updating the lows. The results auction March 16, the main KOSPI index fell by 3.19 percent to 1714,86 points, which was the lowest over the past eight years an indicator. Today, the Central Bank of the Republic of Korea lowered its interest rate by 50 points from 1.25 to 0.75 percent, but it is unlikely this alone will be able to reverse the situation. Here only most of Korea is not enough, as COVID-19 is already global and economic problem. If the situation in the medical field for COVID-19 managed to reverse in Korea for three weeks, then, as seen, in the field of Economics and Finance will require much more time, and the negative consequences will be much more protracted and extensive.