South Korea is desperately trying to contain the outbreak of coronavirus

In Korea has become a commonplace that the main news is the situation around Covid-19, and for the briefings by the representative of the Ministry of health that officials carried out twice a day on major television channels interrupted other transmissions. It happened on February 28 when the first at 10am and then at 5 PM the official read out the new data on coronavirus.

unfortunately, after a slowdown of growth in the number of infected has increased again. Thus, only during the day, the number of infected Covid-19 increased by 571 human, reaching to the outcome of the February 28 2 337 cases. The good news is the fact that nobody’s died yet, stopping “death counter” at around 13 people, and another recovered. Thus to overcome the “crown-19” – as it is called in Korean – managed a total of 27 people.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANDREA MEROLA China published the results of the first autopsy died of coronavirus

the Common characteristics of distribution Covid-19 in South Korea, remain the same. So far, it is confined to the South-East of the country – the fourth largest city in Korea, Daegu and the surrounding province of North Gyeongsang province. Of all cases more than 85 percent of that region.

This gives hope that it will be able to stop, and now there is a struggle to “keep Seoul”. As noted by the mayor of South Korean capital, Park Won-soon, “Seoul gets sick – sick the whole of Korea.” In the Metropolitan conglomeration is home to about 25 million people, or half the population of the whole country, and therefore the importance of the region cannot be overstated.

In this regard, the Korean government is making a desperate effort to contain the spread of the virus, although it mslow, but still continues to penetrate into the neighboring regions apart from the South-East. More wary of doctors was caused by the message that in the Central province of South Chungcheong for the period from 27 to 28 February, the number of infected people has increased almost three times, reaching 35 people. Although the figure is compared to the same Tegu is small, but with such a jump, about ten days ago there was an outbreak of coronavirus, which brought South Korea into second place by the number of infected people in the world after China.

the Government realizes the complexity of the situation and the need to leave the coronavirus outbreak in the same region. In the midst, that is in Daegu, is some days Prime Minister of South Korea Chung Se-Kyung, who personally headed the work of the headquarters for emergency measures.

Photo: EPA-EFE/TINO ROMANO Belarus confirmed the first case of infection with coronavirus

However, officials now openly admit that at least in the next few days the growth of the number infected will continue. Still within the Daegu main source of “replenishment” of the number of infected parishioners are very numerous sect “of Sinchonri”, and that it directly or indirectly involves the main number of cases. While all members will not check and will not receive the results of their tests, it will be difficult to hope for a slowdown in the number of infected.

the Situation around Covid-19 has evolved beyond medical problems, into economic and political. Although the panic in the country, and all the major infrastructure work without major changes. But for obvious reasons, people are now reluctant to go out and visit the same cinemas, shopping centers, which led to a sharp slowdown in economic activity. Cancelled all events until the world Championships different types of sports which was to be held in Korea. Many factories forced to stop for lack of materials and components, which they had received from China. Went into a nosedive and the financial market. According to the results of trades on February 28 of the main index of securities market, South Korea’s KOSPI fell 3.3 percent, “surrendering” the psychologically important resistance line at 2000 points. Bidding ended on the item 1987,01. This is almost 68 points lower than it was the day before.

the appearance of the infected makes to experience life and work in the most important institutions. If a disinfection was closed by Parliament, as previously there had been infected, then on Friday a similar fate befell one of the largest automobile factories of Hyundai in Ulsan, as well as the headquarters of the state Export-import Bank of Korea.

Photo: REUTERS/THOMAS PETER CPS explained the procedure for symptoms of coronavirus

But it is not limited to economy. It is clear that enough of those who in all troubles blamed the government. More than a million people supported a petition demanding the resignation of the President of Kazakhstan moon Jae-In, accusing him of softness toward China and the reluctance to impose a ban on the entry of Chinese into the country. However, sympathetic moon people say that the main source of Covid-19 in Korea was the Koreans themselves, though imported from China. Rating moon still remains very high at 45 percent, but, according to polls, more than half of Koreans believe the government is a wrong policy to contain the coronavirus.

Flash Covid-19 FRAvila to respond to many of the country. According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, around 60 countries, more than a quarter of all States of the world, imposed some restrictions on the entry of the Koreans and all foreigners who arrive from RK. About 30 countries have completely banned the entry from Korea, or have adopted measures, which actually are equal to ban. For Koreans, whose passport has recently been one of the most “all-terrain” and allowed to enter in more than 190 countries without a visa, it is a strong blow to the ego. The Korean foreign Ministry has repeatedly expressed “deep regret” about the prohibitions and restrictions from other countries and to intensify “outreach”, but it is all in vain.