Source South Korean media have distorted the content of the UN report on North Korea

South Korean media have distorted the content of the report provided by the expert Group of the UN Security Council, saying that the experts allegedly admitted the possibility of import of a personal limousine Kim Jong UN Mercedes S-600 in Korea through Russia. In the report there is nothing like this, and the case involved companies from Italy, South Korea, Japan and China. According to a source close to the UN, the authorities intend to demand a retraction from the media that have published the wrong information. Conducted “RG” investigation and study of the UN report confirmed this information.

there are two new bulletproof limousines Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan Long 600 Guard VR9 (Maybach) that were seen in North Korea in February 2019. They were used as personal car of the Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. As these machines fall under the definition of “luxury”, their supplies in the DPRK is prohibited by UN sanctions. Given the facts, a group of UN experts under the UN security Council, which is responsible for monitoring the enforcement of sanctions against the DPRK conducted its own investigation and provided their findings to the Security Council in the annual report dated 13 April 2020, which is now in the public domain.

In particular, it was revealed that the Mercedes-Benz vehicles were delivered from the factory in Germany for an Italian company. Cars from Germany through the Netherlands (Rotterdam) were first taken to the port of Dalian (China), from there to Osaka (Japan) and ended up in the South Korean port of Busan (South Korea). There they were loaded on the ship DN5505, which was supposed to deliver them to the Russian port of Nakhodka. The vessel sailed from Busan on 1 October 2018, after which, while in South Korean waters, turned off the automatic identification system, which allows to determine the location of vessels. On 19 October, the ship again from the same area gave the signal, but going back to Busan on the ship and car was gone. The Russian Federation did not register the arrival or departure of the vessel DN5505 in any of its far Eastern ports.

Although the report was not a word about the arrival of a ship in a Russian port, however, leading South Korean media, referring to the publication of the Western English-language publications NK News, Voice of America, the Japanese media, which, in turn, allegedly relied on the already mentioned report of the expert Group under the UN security Council, stated that “Mercedes Kim Jong-UN was eventually imported to North Korea via Russia.” It was stated that “representatives of the expert Group under the UN security Council suggest that the machine was eventually delivered to the port of Nakhodka and, from there, they are already in a cargo plane North Korean Air Koryo was taken on a flight from Vladivostok to Pyongyang”.

“it Must be emphasized that in the UN report, no such assumptions are not made��. The trail of the ship with the machines is lost October 1, 2018 in the South Korean waters, then it’s back again 19 Oct. Added only that “the investigation continues”. In the document, there are no assumptions about the transport planes from Vladivostok and other details that can be checked as the report is on the Internet free,” – said “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” a source close to the UN.

it is Worth noting that indeed almost all the leading South Korean media on April 18-19, announced the report to the UN security Council, which contained findings including the history of “limousines for the leader of the DPRK.” Relevant publications made the Yonhap news Agency, Newspapers Chunan Ilbo, the tone of Ilbo, the Asia Gyeongju, Gyeongju of the from maeil, Kukche Sinmun, broadcasting company MBC, SBS, KBS, MBN TV, Hanguk the Gyeongju TV and many others. Everywhere it was declared pass Mercedes-Benz in six countries, including Russia and the “assumptions of the expert Group under the UN security Council”.

Some South Korean media also specify that the conclusions of the UN experts end only for “the loss of the vessel on 1 October”, indicating that about “Russian trace” was said in July 2019, only the US-based research center С4ADS, but not the UN. However, even these publications made the headlines and summaries, including “Russian trace”. Other South Korean media, citing a publication in particular in NK News and “other foreign media”, just saying that the report “confirmed the assumption C4ADS” on the supply through the RF.

it is Noteworthy that among the companies that are involved in purchase or delivery of “Mercedes leader” refers to European, Japanese, Chinese and South Korean firms: European Cars & More, S. R. L. (Italy), Slevenburg and Huyser B. V. (the Netherlands) , LS Logistics & Spedizioni SRL (Italy), Dalian Shangen International Trade Co. Ltd (China), Zuisyo Co., Ltd (Japan), Mino Logistics Co., Ltd (Seoul, South Korea), Hantrade Co., Ltd. (Busan, South Korea), Souda Bay Lantau 183E, DN5505. The last ship, which most likely brought the car belongs to the company Do Young Shipping (Marshall Islands), which is already a subsidiary of the South Korean Jiho Shipping Co Ltd (Pusan). The Russian company mentioned in the entire chain only once as FLOT-DV.LLC (Vladivostok) as the consignee in Osaka, but then consignee was changed to the Japanese Zuisyo Co., Ltd.

“of Course, history is complicated and requires further investigation. The same ship could just go to any North Korean port on the East coast, the same Wonsan, and there to leave the car, which would solve all the problems at once, and not to make an additional detour through the Discovery of the delivery aircraft, but this is just a guess… as far As I know, the UN Committee continuing with this story to find out all the details, but it raises questions about why some of the media rushing records��Russia as a partner of this scheme, although the report such suspicions do not exist.”, – said “RG” the source close to the UN.