Sounded unpleasant details of issuing interest free loans for salaries

Vladimir Putin has proposed to expand the program of preferential crediting of business to pay salaries. So the government will maintain the level of incomes of Russians. The state will partially take over the payment of salaries for April and may in small and medium business. For each employee from the budget will allocate 12130 rubles – as is minimum wage. On the other months it is proposed to take the credit under zero percent. The availability of concessional loans decided to check personally the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov under the guise of “mystery shopper”: the banks denied him the results. We repeated the trick of the Minister. The results were surprising.

the pleas of the entrepreneurs heard: the government will provide grant aid for the payment of salaries. However, only in two months. Applications will be in may, and the money will transfer in June. For each employee affected enterprises of small and average business will allocate one minimum wage. The only condition for compensation – save at least 90% of staff number of employees.

Another innovation from fresh Putin’s appeal – the expansion of the program of preferential crediting on the payment of salaries. Since the end of March zero credits could take small and micro enterprises. The statement, Putin provided the opportunity for medium and large. The volume of lending will also be limited to minimum wage. That is, the loan will on the amount is based on number of employees, multiplied by 12130 rubles. In other words, employees of the affected companies are offered “guaranteed” to live on a minimum salary.

At the moment the government agreed on a reduced program with 5 banks, another 25 agreements being prepared for signing. Because the measure was already in place and on 15 April was only extended to check the availability of zero credits is decided by the head of the MAYOR Reshetnikov. “Entrepreneurs complain about the failures and limitations when considering their applications. Decided to check it out personally”, – the Minister wrote on his page in Instagram. Under the guise of an ordinary client, he called in two of a major Bank and asked to issue interest-free loan for salary. One Bank replied that the government had allegedly not signed the resolution. Another promised to issue a credit only in may.

According to the Ministry, the zero salary loans are slow. 3.5 thousand applications totaling 24 billion loans approved for 1.5 billion, and issued only 400 million rubles, said Reshetnikov. Banks make loans from the funds of the Central Bank: it allocated 150 billion rubles.

In one of the banks participating in the programme explained the rules for obtaining zero credit for the payment of salaries. To obtain such a loan may venture from the category of small or micro business that works in one of the affected branches of the government approved list. In this SP��SKE tourism, transportation, catering and other industries. The number of employees of such enterprise shall not exceed 100 people and annual revenues of 800 million rubles. A subsidized loan is issued for a year, but a zero rate is valid only in the first 6 months. The remaining six months, the entrepreneurs repay the loan at 4% per annum, which is less than average lending rates.

We called the Bank under the guise of legal entities, which allegedly registered a micro-enterprise. Robot-answering machine almost immediately offered to issue a soft loan and sent the link to the application form, not allowing to determine the conditions. The application must specify an INN of the organisation. At the second attempt managed to connect with a live operator. And again – the denial of the explanation of the conditions without specifying INN. The employee told me that to issue a soft loan at their Bank can be in two cases: if legal entity has in it the account and project salary. Other terms the Bank offers. “Send INN and we will offer you a subsidized loan for salary or deferred,” said the operator.

With the expansion of the program of preferential loans they will be able to design the enterprise of their list of strategic.

“Loans on salaries at 0% is a drop in the ocean. On the basis of the minimum wage on one person company with 50 employees would receive 615 thousand rubles. To save the business, this amount will not help, – said a top Manager of the consulting group “KRK Group” Nikita Ryabinin, – Even the backbone enterprises serious financial burden and not in rubles. Called today and 150 billion rubles to subsidize interest rates not enough for the entire amount of their loans. Most likely, the subsidy will receive, not all”.