The u.s. was behind such hits as “Ain’t no sunshine” and “Lean on me”. He died Monday in Los Angeles.

The american soulsanger Bill Withers is the death of 81-year-old.

It writes the BBC.

He died of heart failure Monday at his home in Los Angeles, inform the family the news agency AP.

Bill Withers stood behind hits such as “Ain’t no sunshine” and “Lean on me”.

In a statement describing the family to him as “a lonely man with a heart driven to connect the world”.

He spoke frankly to the people and connected them with each other, is also from the family.

With a poor upbringing in a small coal-mining village in West Virginia, followed by nine years in the us marine was not in the cards, to Bill Withers should be a the USA’s most renowned singers and songwriters.

But in the course of his career he has been able to rejoice over having won three Grammy awards and have been nominate for four more.

in Addition, a string of artists took his songs on the repertoire: Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli and Mick Jagger.

After leaving the navy in 1967 beating Bill Withers in Los Angeles to try his luck as a singer and composer.

First, in 1971, he managed to get a contract with a record company, Sussex Records.

from Here, was released the debut album “Just as I am”, which was immediately praised by music critics as a sure classic.

Since then there have been a quantity of recordings and concert tours around the world.

– His music belongs to the eternal world.

– In this difficult time we pray for, that his music can provide care and entertainment, while his fans keep their loved ones close, said the family.

the Song “Lean on me” is, according to the BBC has been linked with coronapandemien the later time.

Many people put their own versions of the hit on the internet to show support for health care professionals and other workers in important features.