like all his colleagues, needs to Enric Mas, situated in quarantine, fit and maintain. The Spanish climber from the Movistar forget, however, that the sun is on the balcony, and seriously, you can burn it. The result: a bright red back with a white cross in the middle of it. Team-mate Alejandro Valverde was quick to gloat. “You seem to be on the flag of France.”

SEE ALSO. , the Tour de France will have had to be postponed after a decision by the French government.

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No hay confinamiento para el sol… – to-quema igual en el balcón de tu casa, en la carretera! There is no confinement for the sun… it burns you out of your home balcony as much as it does on the road!

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for More about Enric Mas, Note: for 10 points, which by 2020 is different from that of last season Enric Mas is a leader in the last race of the Deceuninck Quick.Step-Movistar confirms the arrival of Enric Mas, Deceuninck – Quick-Step, again, the important token to leave Evenepoel, to Gaudu, and Pogacar, These are the favourites for the Tour in 2025