Sophia Tartakov – beauty-presenter of several programs on TV channel “MATCH!”, became the guest of the next release “Comment.Show.” In this program, which goes to YouTube, four well-known commentator Denis Kazansky, Konstantin Genic, Nobel Arustamyan (“MATCH!”) the novel Gutzeit (channel, Okko) – just over an hours time to discuss the main football news, make predictions for upcoming games and chat with an interesting guest, with whom you can discuss different stories. And do it by leading rather sarcastically, turning his program into a fun semblance of the once popular “Prozhektorperishilton” – only with a football bias.

the Issue with Sophia Tartakovsky was unusual – next to a beautiful girl mellowed even the most caustic commentators. And she took advantage of the moment and smoothly turned the conversation from football to favourite tennis – what “Comment.Show” is also never used.

How to become a presenter

In sports journalism, I came across a Nobel for “Radio Sport”. It was still curly, and I came as a student in 2008. Met Arustamian, and said to him: “Nobel, I want to be a sports journalist”. Three years later, he sent me for a test drive to Makhachkala for the match, “Anji”.

Seriously joined the others at the Olympics in Sochi. Then I saw how much you can drink. I was amazed.

I’m “All for the Match” all tennis gear.

About the relationship with athletes

I Know that Sergei Ovchinnikov in my address is cursed. He said that I am not a professional.

I Swore and Eugene of Kafelnikov, who attacked Maria Sharapova, and we defended it. I was then the press attache of Federation of tennis of Russia, and he was Vice-President. Mary was disqualified for Meldonium, and Kafelnikov began to attack her. He was Vice-President of the Federation, he had to defend his athletes!

Players have asked my contacts at the Nobel Arustamian? Nobel, so what, you gave them my number, maybe my life would be better, maybe, I would not be sitting!

What players wrote to me in direct? No wrote.


About the appearance of players

Messi or Ronaldo? I think Ronaldo. After all, he is hot. Who said that a man is not supposed to look like? How should it look? He changes hairstyles? So it’s good when the guy that has to change!


In tennis, many dislike each other. I’m not trying to reconcile.

In women’s tennis a lot of lesbians, but among the Russians they are not. Those girls who are in the country, not afraid to admit it. Now open society. Tried to screw me tennis players? It is. But not our. This was before��sufficiently specific. Girl rolls up to the girl as well as boy to the girl.

In tennis it’s impossible to play the mask will suffocate, so much to run. There are now all sick, Djokovic, Dimitrov was perennials at the party. The party players – fire. If they drink like hockey players and football players? Drink. Many players drink. Who is the best drinking? Eugene Donskoi.

About the shoot in Playboy

I agreed to pose in Playboy? And what is this? We worked for free, people have to get naked for free. We starred with the girls-colleagues to support you, commentators, before the 2018 world Cup.

did I become a model? God forbid. Where I am, my height is 164 cm I even sometimes broadcast on the work stand.

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Photo: “the Comment.Show”

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