Every fan is crying out again for the soccer ball in the time of the solar corona. But when it finally came, it would be supporters, not the new starting times. That said, the overall Belgium supportersfederatie Belgian Supporters’, and so there is much time ahead of the new football season, at other times, football is going to be. They have threatened action if their voice is not taken into account. The Pro League will invite them forward to a meeting with the holder of the rights, Series Sports.

No, they are not in the Belgian Supporters, the overall supportersfederatie of the clubs in the Jupiler Pro League. The professional clubs must be a lucrative business mediacontract ended with Eleven Sports, with the new starting times will lead to grumbling. Vrijdagvoetbal for 21, games on Saturdays at 16.30 and you can even match on a Monday evening would just like for once be able to. In 1B, the starting times are not entirely to the liking of the supporterts to compete on Friday at 19h, and on Sunday at 12 pm is the limit.

In an online survey were about six thousand fans already know that she would prefer nothing to change the present starting times.

as for The Pro League and confirms that the new times listed were in the initial mediacontract, but to be completely emptied with the holder of the rights for Eleven Sports, which is not. “So great are the differences between the new and the old starting times and again can’t be true, provides a clear spokesman said Stijn Van Bever. “I don’t understand is that the fans are concerned, and in the Pro League and we have the results of the survey are also given. But keep in mind that the nature of a person labelled as conservative, it is. The new starting times can also be opportunities, and bring with them. Earlier matches on Saturday, it may mean, for example, that young children are able to go to the stadium.”

At seven o’clock in the morning, leave for a uitmatch

if you are the fans each and every week leading up to the stadium, living in the fear of the end to be inserted in front of the tv viewers. “It seems to me the only logical”, says the chairman of the Eddy Janssis of Belgian football Supporters’. “It is remarkable that a plan for Family Sports, at a much lower price than the price of a game at the stadium. We need to stand up to the demands of the fans in the stadium. Be sure to uitsupporters, which is a long time, it may be that the modified times of trouble. I hear people in the halls that they have in mind matches, at twelve o’clock to-play. This means that some of the fans are already at seven o’clock in the morning, it would have to go with the very best deals.

The Pro League is called immediately after the country about their feelings clear to them, and the federation for a meeting with them and the Family of Sports. “In order to have the positions and opportunities, even at the table,” said Van Bever. Janssis warned already: “well, If we have the feeling that no account is held, we will be in the next match, deal with it.”