As “Kommersant” found out, because of incorrect wording government resolution No. 719 of the localization decision, what type of transportation will be ambulance, in public procurement were taken in manual mode. So, ambulance based on the Ford Transit with 1.7 million points of localization, which is insufficient for the procurement of LCVs, after discussion with Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov took to the buses using a third-party classification. The vagueness of the wording of the requirements creates difficulties not only in the allocation of public procurement, but also in confirming the level of localization in General. The critical problem for the industry: base 719, the resolution used in the distribution of compensation utilsbora, the most important to the profitability of a production payment.In the allocation of public procurement on the ambulances, where the only suppliers of the selected group, Oleg Deripaska’s GAZ and UAZ and Ford Sollers, a member of the group “Sollers” Vadim Shvetsova, according to Kommersant’s source, it took the intervention of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov. The fact that, according to the report, the Ford Transit is gaining about 1.7 thousand of points in accordance with scoring system of government resolution No. 719 of localization. The Ford Transit is traditionally considered a light commercial vehicle (LCV). They are, according to the decree, to access to public procurement needs in 2020 to recruit 2 thousand points, that is more than confirmed by the findings.The Ministry of industry and trade read the ruling differently, saying that soon establishes the same requirements as the vehicle on which they are produced. Procured an ambulance, according to the type approval of vehicles (cu Tr), produced on the basis of the vehicle category M2 according to the technical regulations of the Customs Union, or the bus, they say. Buses for participation in public procurement needs to score less points and 1.7 thousand In “Sollers” it is also said that ambulance based on the Ford Transit, according to the cu Tr, is received in 2017, belong to the category M2 — buses, trolleybuses, specialized passenger vehicles.In the resolution there are no references to categories of vehicles in accordance with the technical regulations. Moreover, in the calculation of points for running in the RF operations are described in the LCV category, and in the category of buses it is indicated that it involves “buses, except buses on the basis of light commercial vehicles”. In the section on public procurement clarification, what is the bus no longer contains.Kommersant’s source says that even before the disposal of the correctness of determining the type of vehicles was discussed, Mr. Borisov, where he came to the same conclusions as the Ministry of industry and trade. Another source of “Kommersant” notes that the office of the Vice-Premier was based on the findings of the Ministry of industry and trade, and is ne remove the question about the lack of instructions into categories according to the technical regulations in 719-m resolution. In the apparatus of Yuri Borisov promptly answered.Partner “Rustam Kurmaev and partners” Dmitry Gorbunov stressed that swift at 719-m resolution are a separate item (note, in part, with provisions for public procurement, they have not allocated), and have separate requirements for localization, so it is incorrect to focus on the indicators for buses and buses on the basis of LCV. In addition, Mr. Gorbunov’t see classification category M2: she is one of the rules of safety and nothing to do with localization has not. At the same time, he points out that in order to purchase the ambulance in General there are no requirements relating to points, and the emphasis is on the presence of its own production in Russia and a prisoner of specinvtehnica.Problems with the interpretations 719, the resolution occur throughout, emphasize the sources of “Kommersant”. For example, because of inconsistencies of definitions of a number of operations on localization of technical documentation and contracts with suppliers issues arise upon receipt of the confirmation points to the CCI.The same base 719-th resolution this year is used to calculate industrial subsidies (de facto compensation utilsbora), which depends on the profitability of production in Russia. Requirements for payment points are closed, but early in the year “y” wrote about the level of 1.5 thousand points for full compensation in 2020-2021 years in passenger cars and LCV segments.Olga Nikitina