Here you can read the original article in Finnish, which is written by Minna Rinta Tassi. English translation of The Anne Mari Rahkonen Berg:

Now that korona characterize the community has the new “Mummidalen”animation has been a welcome respite for the Finnish families. And after a workshop in Finland in the winter will soon Mummitrollene, Little My and Snusmumrikken entertain the children at the north sámi also.

the Workshop was held in Inari, to educate saami speaking dubbere. It was a success, and there was an abundance of saami speaking Mummitroll.

The sami rap-artist Ailu Valle was elected to the role of Mumenstállun, as Mummitrollet called on north sámi.

” It was fantastic. It is a great honor for me to be allowed to play Mummitrollet. Already as a child so I Mummitrollene on TV, and at home we had both books and comics about them.

– Flow state helps dubberen

In the premises of the BTEN-Studio in Helsinki has been the last few weeks lydsatt the popular animated series, the first part, to north sámi.

Both lydkvinnen, the director and the språkspesialisten is in place in the tiny little room.

Behind the glass follows the Ailu Valle “Mummidalen”series on a TV screen and throws himself into the role of Mummitrollet.

– You have to live into the story, getting into the flow state and keep it going. So I can easily get me through long sequences, ” he says.

In Finland, the dub one mainly animations aimed at children. Valle has worked as a voice actor even before Mumenvággi series.

Photo: Rinna Härkönen / YLE

Valle living in Inari and speak north sámi. He is both the teacher and the sami artist, who also master the art of joike.

Now he is thinking of how to work as Mummitrollet will affect his image as a rap artist.

Rap music is a tool that I can use to bring up the issues that are important to me. In music it is a question of revitalising the sámi language, just as in the dubbing of the Mummidalen also, ” says Valle.

“Pudding” became “dessert” on sami

Språkspesialist Inger–Mari Aikio translated “Mummidalen”–animation to the north sami.

the Translation was sometimes a bit challenging. For example, we have no own word for “pudding”. There, I had to use the word “dessert” instead.

In the studio listening Inger-Mari Aikio so that the words are pronounced correctly. Also, Valle is concerned about this.

– Both as a teacher and språkrevitalisator I have a large responsibility to make sure that I give the kids understand northern sami.

Mummidalen-the animation received the Golden Venla award in Finland in January in the category children and youth program.

Photo: Moomin Characters & Gutsy Animations

Director Susa Saukko included with that talens rhythm is the same as in the original Finnish version.

– Stemmeskuespillerne is very energetic and superflinke to live themselves into the tale, bragging about she.

In the Mummidalen live musical people

In Finland, prefers texting in front of the dubbing because it is considerably less expensive. It was the Parliament that took contact with the Finnish YLE to hear about the film could be dubbed in sami.

” It’s like a miracle that you can hear and see on the Mummitrollene in the sámi language, in our own language. I just think about it, I get goose bumps, ” says Inger–Mari Aikio.

“Mummidalen” were dubbed into north sámi by BTEN Studios in Helsinki in march. Språkspesialist Inger-Mari Aikio, lydkvinne Tiina Juntunen and director Susa Saukko participated in the work.

Photo: Rinna Härkönen / YLE

Mummidalen is a Finnish-british fellesproduksjon. The part that YLE has produced, is healed by the Finnish production company “Gutsy Animations”.

We found great voices for the different roles. Sami’s innate musicality gave a large advantage during the dubbingarbeidet, says produksjonsselskapets development manager Reetta Ranta .

According to the Ailu Valle, helps musicality to find different inflections.

– Mummitrollene has its own way to talk. In this job, one must have a own sound.

The other key roles to actress Mikkel Gaup from Norway be the voice of Mumenáhčči or Mumipappa. the Irene Länsman provides the voice of Little My (From the Miáš)

Linda Tammela is Snuhrrenieida or Snorkfrøken, and musician, and yoiks Niko Valkeapää was Snusmumrikken (Mumrihkka).

The north sámi translation is successful. In the text, it is made exciting word choices. It is taken with many words that we don’t use in everyday language, mean Ailu Valle.

Photo: Rinna Härkönen / YLE Mummitrollet inspires to learn sami

“Mummidalen”–the motion the first production part of the business that are dubbed in north sámi, to be broadcast on TV in Finland in april. In the fall of 2020 being a part of the other produksjonsperioden done on enaresamisk and the skolt sámi.

In Sweden, Norway and Finland, there are altogether about 20 000 people that use northern sami. In Finland lives approximately 2000-3000 of them.

There are considerably fewer who speak enaresamisk or skolt sámi.

Dubbing of “Mummidalen” to enaresamisk and skolt sámi are historical. These languages are categorized as highly endangered. For these languages, it is not translated once and the little that is done to northern sami, says The språksikringssekretær Anne Kirste Aikio.

There is a great lack of saami speaking children’s programs.

Heli Huovinen is the manufacturer for saami speaking children’s programming at YLE. She has heard many wonder whether it pays to make application for a couple of hundred children on a dying language. It evokes resentment in her.

– I’m talking even enaresamisk and follow the revitaliseringen of the language at close quarters. More and more children are talking enaresamisk.

Huovinen reminds of that TV programs help children to learn the language.

Children pick up items from the spoken language in the children’s program. It strengthens your language skills.

What could well be a better and more motivating way for children to learn languages than Mummitrollene, says Ailu Valle.

Photo: Gutsy Animations

According to Anne Kirste Aikio forces this at the same time the appreciation of their own language.

“Frozen 2” showed for the saami speaking children that our language is just as important as the Finnish.

“Frozen 2” was the first long animated film to Disney, where it was spoken north saami. The premiere last year was a great event for the sámi.

– What if the saami “Mummidalen” is a really popular and rap-artist on his tour prompted a Mummitroll number from the stage?

the Question gets Ailu Valle to laugh.

– We’ll see if Mummitrollet comes as encores on the tour.

“Mummidalen”–series begins on the northern sámi on Yle TV 2, the 13.4. At the same time it becomes available in Yle Areena. In Finnish you can the series on (in EU countries). All the episodes of this hit series on Finnish is also available in Yle Areena.