Cathy Hummels (35) gave away her poodle lady named Moon, as she wrote on Instagram. For a black and white picture with the dog, the presenter revealed that there had been an “unpleasant incident” between her 5-year-old son Ludwig and Moon.

“Before that, there had often been friction between my then four-year-old son and our one-year-old Moon. In September 2022 it was no longer a snap, a pinch and no more growling for Ludwig, but a solid bloody bite,” Hummels continued.

Ludwig had asked his mother: “Mom, the moon should go away. i’m afraid of her It always hurts me.” After therapeutic advice, Cathy Hummels would have given the dog away – “so that Ludwig would not remain traumatized”. Moon is now with a close confidante who has no small children. The dog is fine.

Nevertheless, Hummels assured how difficult the decision was for her: “My year 2022 was marked by unpleasant private events. I am deeply saddened by the departure of Moon, but my son always comes first.”

Moon is not the first dog that Cathy Hummels has given away. A few years ago she said goodbye to Labrador Coco. The reason: Her son Ludwig, who suffers from asthma, reacted strongly to the dog. Then came poodle lady Moon. At least with this breed, Ludwig’s asthma was not the problem.

Cathy Hummels was brutally assaulted in Thailand in early 2022. She is now returning to the “crime scene” for the shooting of the RTLzwei show “Kampf der Realitystars”. Hummels explains in an Instagram post how she deals with the traumatic experience today.

The dog “Timmy” keeps Martin Rütter and his dog trainer Marcel busy. The shelter dog is hyper nervous and won’t calm down.

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