they have presented themselves to the contrary: Pride of Verona Pooth (51) with son Diego (15) takes part in the TV Show “Grill the Henssler” by the next Sunday. However, in the already recorded program things get out of hand.

at First, everything goes smooth: The mother-son Duo made it to the main course, you want corn fed chicken with Risotto and orange conjure up asparagus on the plate. With an unconventional strategy: “We remember only what the other. Not what you must do yourself,” says the son of man. “Be creative,” says chef-Coach Christian Lohse.

Verona resist her son speaks vehemently

But then Diego starts to spill the beans. Whether you cook at home together, or the mom is alone in the kitchen, want a moderator know Annie Hoffmann (35). Diego shot from a gun: “We usually order!”. Verona Pooth feels for the first Time forced to correctively intervene. “That’s not true! I cook super. Healthy, organic, and every day,” she said slightly peeved. They would sometimes even together in the kitchen. This course, however, “most of the time with Squabbles,” Pooth. “That’s because Diego and I have a lot of Temperament.”

Annie Hoffmann uses the favor of the hour and löchert the talkative Teenager with any further questions. “Is the mom strict?”, she wants to know from him. Diego’s Blitz-Answer: “Yes!” The reflect also in your nickname. Franjo like to call them, “El Comandante,” or “Lucy”. “I thought that was kind of sweet, and at some point I said: I’m not hot, but not Lucy. He then said, the coming of Lucifer,” explains Verona Pooth, laughing.

The moderator has not shot its bolt as an interviewer. Next question: “there Are moments in which you, your mother is sometimes embarrassed?”, she asks the 15-Year-olds. This does not answer dry: “these are only moments, this is my life!” Hard to swallow for Verona! Then the mess is done: Verona Pooth sulking, with his arms folded on the Kitchen counter.

Diego is hardly an occasion to Blaspheme

It is not the first Time that you will be grilled on TV by her son: in the previous August in the satellite.1-show “at last the evening” she had to hear how she was criticized by Diego. On the question of the presenter, whether he would take a girlfriend home, he replied with the words: “I could theoretically, I wouldn’t make but, because my Psycho parents are in the door, and a with questions would be holes.” (wyt)

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